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small bleed

I take my pregnancy test and i was found two lines where one was very dark and another was fade. Is that is pregnant. i took 3-4 times to do that but every time i found same result. What is mean?

I thought i am pregnant and i have 4-5 week pregnancy and sometime i felt that i had bleed small tissue from my private part, i am panic about that what it means? Please ans?

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Hi Snehdeep

With any bleeding it is important to visit your doctor in case of an ectopic pregnancy as this is one of the symptoms. Some people do bleed in pregnancy and everything is okay and i'm sure this is the case with you - however I would go to the doctors to be on the safe side. Wish you all the best.

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Hi if the line were faint it's more than likely that you are in the very early stages and the hormone isn't strong enough to give a darker result. The blood could just be implantation bleeding as the egg I'm beds in to the uterus wall. If your worried tell your gp and ask to be referred for an early scan at you epu to make sure all is OK.

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