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Advice please

Hi ladies, I'm new here, signed up because of this post.

I fell pregnant after 18 months of trying end of March But miscarriage at only 5 weeks, I went to see a doctor at our a&e and he just said let nature take its course and do a test the following week, it came back negative. They didn't offer a scan or anything. I am now pregnant again without having a period after the mc! I told the doctor last week that I am pregnant and I am still waiting for the referral to the midwife and still not been offered a scan. Very worried and confused. Can you get a false negative after a bleed and bad cramps? If so I could be almost 12 weeks already, if not I'm almost 8 weeks

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When you have your first scan they'll be able to tell when your due date is,this will tell you whether you were 8 weeks expecting or 12 weeks expecting. However if your worried because of having the bleeding earlier you could explain your circumstances and request an earlier scan and they should do it by right. Also it's more likely that your 8 weeks expecting because a urine test would usually pick up the hcg levels unless it's really early days or you have a hormone inbalance.


I would contact your local maternity unit yourself. My doctor never got round to referring me so I just did it. My first appointment was around the 8 weeks mark, scan at 13 weeks, though with your previous recent mc, they will more than likely want to keep a close eye on you.

I would also buy some pregnancy vitamins to help your body be in good shape.

Keep us posted with how you get on. Xxx


Agree wiv others - badger them for early scan. I mc Jan 2014 at 7 weeks & chased for early scan at 8 weeks when I was pregnant again in July. My son is now 9 weeks & I had to chase all thru pregnancy for my appointments wiv MW. Had booking appointment @ 9 weeks pregnant & then nothing til 28 weeks & only got that cos I hounded them.

Did have 12 & 20 week scan tho, but were separate depts so didn't share info wiv each other (I ask you - they were just short corridor & staircase away from each other, plus there is email nowadays if ur too lazy to walk downstairs / upstairs); understand MW understaffed as profession tho, so prob gov fault for not giving cash injection to recruit more MW 😉


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