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Well ladies, the scan was lovely (we got in half an hour early so that made it even better 😊), as soon as the sonograher went near my belly, number 1 popped onto the screen, and it wasn't a few seconds before number 2 was in sight aswell. Both were shnuggled up together in the 69 position. All measurements are looking good and babies are a good size AND both within a couple of mm's of each other, which is a relief seeing as they are sharing the same placenta. They both have what look like crazy long legs which they gave full display of when they both stretched out to fully capacity 😊.

We also saw the consultant who literally ran through everything at warp factor 10. Found out that now we will be having scans every 2... Yes I said 2!!!! Weeks! I am literally gunna be living there lol at first they told me every 4 which was lovely in itself but now it just gets better lol I'm not sure how I could cope with a single pregnancy now, having to wait until 20 weeks! Jeez, I was all panicy that I didn't really "feel" pregnant besides the belly, but to wait for 20 weeks!!!! I do feel sorry for you ladies that have to wait, it drove me insane getting to 16 weeks.

Well anyways, it's looking likely that I'll be having a c-section, which I am unsure as to how I feel about at the moment. Ok, no I am sure. I'm a little bit miffed, no, I am upset, that the words just flowed out of the consultants mouth "it's very likely that you will be delivering by c-section". There was no question as to how I would like to deliver our little bundles of wonderfulness. I am aware that they have probably decided that that would be the safest and best way for them to come into the world, but I feel it could have been discussed a little bit before outright telling me that there is a very good chance that I won't be delivering naturally. I haven't really thought about until I have written this post so I apologise if it gets a little whiney and samey (not being helped by the fact that I feel very hormonal this morning!!!). I'm not gunna feel what a contraction feels like and I'm not gunna be given the chance to bring babies into the world myself. And hell, I know that c-sections are no easy way out because recovery is so major, but I can't help but think I'm letting these little people down a little bit.

I suppose I'm scared about the fact that I don't know how I am gunna react when it comes to just being shown my babies for the first time rather than holding them or them being put onto my chest so that I have that first cuddle until a while later. The prospect of pushing my babies into the world has always terrified the living day lights out of me, but deep down that is what we are programmed to do and my brain just isn't seeming to cope with the idea of doing something else. Feel a little bit useless right now.

Oh, ladies I'm sorry, this post started off so lovely and now look!

I think I'm just gunna go and calm down a bit and I'll talk to you all later.

Thankyou for all your on-going support guys, I really don't know what I'd do without you ladies xxxxxxxxxxx


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  • oh this is a shame that you have been robbed of your voice! I am sure there are people who DO deliver twins naturally, provided they are low risk. Do your own research and ask for a meeting with a consultant about deciding on your birth plan. Don't let them decide without your input or at least explaining WHY they think a C-section is necessary. To me it seems a little early for them to decide this. Perhaps the consultant meant that many mums of twins that labour naturally often end up going to theatre later in labour? I know this may sound worse, but it opens up the option that you could 'experience' labour and the contractions and the excitement of it all, but remain open-minded that if things are not going as well as hoped, they may decide to go to theatre later. Make sure your partner or birthing partner(s) are clued up so they can advocate for you while you're busy dealing with contractions if the docs start making decisions about theatre without explaining. Also, if you DO have a C-section, usually they make it a priority to keep you awake and give the babies to you for skin-to-skin while they finish closing you up - worth asking if this is still possible with twins provided they are close to full-term and healthy? I think one of the reasons that doc thought it likely you would have a C-section is that i have heard that identical twins are sometimes delivered early on purpose - therefore docs do not want to wait for a natural labour - but you can ask why this may be necessary and push for day-to-day monitoring towards the end of your pregnancy rather than just booking you in for induction/section. Or look at early induction but not early pre-planned section. Hope this has made some sense, sorry I am typing in a hurry! xx

  • Totally agree with taz here, I know twin mummies who have delivered identical twins naturally. In fact I lady I know was supposed to be booked in to be induced around 35 weeks (she did however have a section a few days ago, I think she'd been having contractions since 32weeks so had been monitored very closely. Her boys are doing great!), so her consultant clearly thought it possible to deliver naturally. do your research as taz suggests, and have your say before final decisions are made. It's your right to question everything your midwife/consultant tells you and to at least try for the birth you want xx

  • Completenewbie, you certainly are not letting those little people down. it's perfectly normal to feel the way you do right now. It's not easy Information to digest. get all your concerns and questions written down and make an appointment with your midwife, she is the best person to talk all this through with. With the help of your OH they may be able to lay the twins on your chest after delivery, chat to your midwife and discuss it with your consultant at the next appointment.

    Taz and CheekyMonkey, Unfortunately as the twins are sharing a placenta it brings a range of possible complications which is why the consultant has told complete newbie it will most likely be a c-section.

  • Yes I have heard about the problem of sharing a placenta, however if there is no intertwin transfusion (which at the moment it doesn't sound like there is since both babies are a similar size) then hopefully the consultants may open their minds up to a natural delivery. Fingers crossed x

  • Wow ladies, thankyou for your replies! I've now calmed down, I've had my blub and the poor other half has given me plenty of cuddles and told me it'll be fine either way so... All is calmer in the newbie household 😊 I'm gunna spend a few hours I think sitting and writing everything down today, fortunately I have a midwives appointment tomorrow which is my standard checkuppy thingy, so I'll give her a good grilling tomorrow. You just don't really prepare yourself for the things which may occur, do you? Like I'm still trying to ignore the fact that this is a high risk pregnancy, with the chance of things going horribly wrong in so many ways, but I suppose I really need to start looking into everything which could potentially involve me. It's just hard even looking at the dangers because obviously you don't want that to be you. Like taz says.... Fingers crossed 😊😊😊😊

  • You have every right to ask to deliver naturally, although I would ask your consultant to explain their training fit the comment. My friend delivered twins vaginally, although after induction. It is possible.Some people have home births with twins. Ask them, a c section is a huge procedure, if it isn't what you want see what you can do to avoid it.

  • Aww that's aweome xxx

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