Gestational Diabetes & Ketones

I have been diagnosed with GD and went for my 27 week check up yesterday and i have ketones, protein and something else in my urine

Dietician told me to cut down on carbs to get my bloods under control and when i was told about the ketones yesterday i was told i needed to eat more carbs as ketone are caused by low carb diets.

Dont know what im supposed to do, anyone else been in this situation?

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Sorry not been in this situation but wondering why it's not something they discussed with you when they told you about the ketones! Maybe better off phoning the midwife for some advice?


I have been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes with this pregnancy and have struggled to know what to eat. I find drinking lots of water helps and as mummy32015 says fat free yoghurt so seem to spike it. I have been craving chocolate, crisps and sweets and especially cake, which has been hard. Dark chocolate in small doses doesn't seem to have impacted the blood sugar. Also I have had the odd dessert but part of a complex meal so meat/fish with few potatoes/carbs and this doesn't seem to have sent my bloods too high. The dietician was useful but not wonderfully helpful. Pistachio nuts are good as they help to lower blood glucose in small handfuls. Good luck and don't be afraid to experiment. Mine is still diet controlled.


I had gestational diabetes , forever gad ketones, protein and sugar despite being on a diet. Dieticians are all very well except the tend to forget everyone's body process differently. I lost 4 stone whilst pregnant and got moaned at. Best you can do is sugar monitor and keep them below 5. Avoid sugar, avoid fatfree yogurts as they have more sugar, eat more fruit veg, switch to brown rice,pasta bread ect and don't eat many bananas. Keep a food diary and if you can I was told to exercise for 20 mins after food to burn off sugars. I never really did as I could hardly move as it was . Talk to your midwife about concerns and I found it useful to read a diabetics food book for portion size and swaps ideas. X my girl is no

5 months. Induced at 39 weeks, weight 9lb 1oz and very long. X


Between 4.5 and 7 , not 5. My bad x


I had this too and ketones where a big problem, my midwife told me to eat small amounts and often to stabilise them. Has anyone explained what ketones are and what causes them? I struggled to understand how to control them as knowone explained what they are and what causes them but my husband found a helpful website, if I can find it I will post the link.

Best advice I can give is avoid anything that states low fat or fat free as these tend to be full of hidden sugars. Cut out sugar all together (use sweetener in cuppas, switch to diet fizzy drinks and squashes without added sugar) orange juice is a big no,, it's nothing but sugar. Seeded bread is best, for me basmati rice was better than brown rice. Eggs where a good choice to. Bulk up on veg. Other than that it's portion control really.

It does get harder to control the more the pregnancy develops but don't stress, there's light at the end of the tunnel. I lost 11kg when pregnant was induced at 40 weeks, he was 8lb 5oz, also very long. he's a happy 6 month old now.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy


Thank you for all your replies, all i was told about ketones was that i wasnt having enough carbs and my body was eating at the fats to give me energy therefore causing ketones.

Was back at diabetic clinic today and because my fasting bloods are still out with target 3 weeks after being diagnosed and being on metformin im being put in insulin injections.

Its all so confusing and finding the balance of how many carbs you can actually have.


I have had ketones as well, but this was due to my severe sickness and because I was dehydrated, so that might be something to think about too. Unfortunately I couldn't keep anything down and ended up on a drip. The advice to me was to sip water regularly throughout the day to stay well hydrated xxx


Yes this has confused me too !!!! I’m glad I’m not the only 1 I’m stressed Now 10 weeks to go and I’m terrified if I don’t now have the medication I’m going to have a terrible birth due to large baby ... As I can’t control ketones or carbs ... what to do .... my daily glucose tests are all over the place ... 😠


Do you see a dietician or diabetes specialist?? Maybe write an honest food diary of everything you eat and drink to see if you can identify issues and if still not controlled ask if medication might be a good idea


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