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Period and urine tests

Hey there. I went to the doctor last thursday because I suspected I was pregnant and had skipped last months period. She took a urine sample and the test was negative. But asked me to bring a sample from home for an appointment on Friday this week. Although I have started my period. Do i still have to pee in the little cup? Wont the blood affect the test results?

Please help iv never been to the doctor alone or with out my mom before so i have no idea what to do

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You can still do a urine test without any problems. Just make sure you're as clean as possible before you do it to reduce contamination. They will expect a certain amount of contamination when a woman gives a test, especially when on your period. Don't worry, it won't affect the results.


Surely if your period has started you know that you are not pregnant now?


Katrina it's not always the case some women can still bleed I bled for the first 2 months

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Thank you so much everyone:) I will keep everyone posted :)


Hey there. All my tests were negative unfortunately Im not going to be a Mommy yet. My Dr gave me some 'friendly advice' considering my family's heteditory female medical issues, its best for me to have children in the next 5 years and close up shop. I'm 20 years old, its quite a scary thought to have to have kids inn the next 4 years or risk not having any at all.


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