Is it possible?

Hi all, I recently gave birth to my son at the end of February. When my son was just two months old I discovered I was pregnant for the second time however the pregnancy resulted in lots of blood loss and it was only when I was rushed into hospital after experiencing very bad abdominal pain that we discovered this second pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy and the baby was growing just outside the tubes.sadly they had to operate and remove one of the tubes that's was ruptered and I lost the baby at 10 weeks. My question is now I only have one tube left in years to come in the future when/ if me and my partner want a second child how likely will it be to concieve? Has anyone else been in this situation and still able to have another baby if so how long did it take and are there any further risks with just having one tube?

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  • My sisters just had an operation and they've removed one ovary and tube ( not same circumstances but same outcome) they've told.her the other tube will compensate so.she will still release an egg each month and should have normal periods so I would say eventually although it may take a while longer

  • My first pregancy was ectopic and I had to go through the same operation. 3 months later I found out I was pregnant and am due next month. I know everyone is different but there is certainly hope and this pregancy has been very straight forward

  • I've had two ectopic pregnancy in 2007 in the space of 2months! 1st ectopic I had my left tube removed and 2nd ectopic I had the injection to terminate the pregnancy. However I fell pregnant 8months later and had a beautiful boy in November 2008 :) My son was a blessing as I thought it would probably take forever to fall pregnant with 1 tube. So please don't lose hope as you can fall pregnant, it may take longer than normal but it can happen Hun. I lost my right tube in 2012 when I was 5weeks pregnant, it was devasting but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I am currently 14wks pregnant with twins through ivf:) We all have our own struggles which we try to get through, best thing is to stay positive and never give up..have faith and of course see your gp for the relevant advice and support. Wish you all the best x

  • Thanks for all your comments and information everyone, it's given me hope that not all is lost and although I'm not trying for another baby at the moment as I already have a 3month old to take care of who knows what the future will bring, fingers crossed ✌

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