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Antenatal care appointments

hi, the hospital where I have my midwife appointments is always really busy, so often I have not had my appointments scheduled until a week later. I am 35 weeks pregnant now and had my 34 weeks appointment this week. I just noticed that You are supposed to have an appointment at 36 weeks, but I have not been offered one until 38 weeks. The midwives (I always see a different one each time) have not yet discussed birth choices or anything with my and I haven't yet started my antenatal classes or heard from my health visitor. So I am just wondering if this is normal, or if I need to arrange additional appointments or do something....

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


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Don't worry, I didn't have any of my late pregnancy appointments when you're supposed to but it was fine because I had such a 'low risk' pregnancy and everything was progressing well. I would assume there's nothing they want to monitor you closely for? Otherwise I assume you would have your appointments as a priority. I hope this is the case? If so, don't worry too much. Call the midwives if you've got any worries but otherwise you'll be fine.

As far as antenatal classes are concerned, I never bothered with them and my labour was completely fine, didn't need them at all. And I didn't hear from a health visitor until after baby's birth.

Hope this helps and good luck :) x


My baby was born at 35 weeks and by this time I had completed my NCT antenatel classes, attended a few classes at hospital, written a birth plan (which was v simple and about 2 sentences!) and met my health visitor. I think each hospital/area probably operates differently but if I were you and concerned I would chase things up to put your mind at rest :). xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Personally I would chase them up, and if that doesn't work go and see your GP and say that the 'relaxed attitude towards appointments' is causing you stress - that might make him chase it up for you!!


Should have heard about antenatal classes by now. I had started mine by 35 weeks. Can go on nhs website to fill in a birthing plan it has an online printable one and has lots of ideas about what to include. Your local breastfeeding support can go through your preparing for baby section in your green notes about skin to skin, feeding on demand, breastfeeding ect as they're some of the most important parts of your birth plan to discuss antenatally. your hospital or midwife should know which organisation offer that in your area.


Hi Messer, agree wiv others chase up MW & ask for 36 week appointment to discuss birth plan - research on NHS choices site first & take blank copy of their plan so u go prepared. MW may recommend Birth Matters for AN classes, but I preferred the NCT offer myself as was about £10 more, but offered some Sat classes & better times for eve classes on Mondays. NCT is brill & classes helped me - check their website out. There is a breastfeeding support FB page for my area, so search there too (e.g. Breastfeeding Berkshire) & you'll find local group. I had MW appt at 9 weeks, then again at 28 weeks & this started ball rolling. I was worried too, but u have to chase them I discovered & make noise for next appt. Started my AN classes late Feb, was due 1st April, but he arrived 15th April after being induced; was scary time, but so worth it, he's gorgeous 😀


I would take their relaxed attitude as a positive sign. They obviously feel your pregnancy is low risk. 😊 if you have concerns, ring them and make sure they see you - or my trick was to turn up crying, without an appointment. 😉

I was contacted by a midwife around 30 weeks for antenatal classes but there were people there who were 38 weeks. My classes only run every so often, so it may be you will be in the next batch if it is similar to my area.

The health visitor will contact you afterwards, I got a phone call 4 days after the birth. Ive never heard of talking to them before the birth, unless it is requested.

Regarding your birth plan, there is a section in your green notes (if you are in the UK, they are green anyway) for it. I wrote what I wished for - water birth for labour, what pain relief I wanted, I wanted to be able to move freely, boyfriend to cut cord, which hospital, etc. Then when my mw went through my notes at my next appointment, we went through whether what I wanted was possible. But to be honest, most hospitals are very much take it as it comes, whatever you ask for on the day, as long as your health allows it, they will do it. 😊 which was a relief for me as I ended up changing my mind on nearly everything once in established labour.

Try not to worry, everything will be fine. X

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