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Cloth nappies - advice

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Hello everyone! I have just bought some cloth nappies online. I have been using disposables on my 17 month old since he was born but I feel guilty about them going into landfill. We recently found our we are expecting again and I have decided to give cloth nappies a go to reduce the amount of waste we are producing as a family.

My question to cloth nappy users is: what do you do with dirty liners etc when you are out and about? Is there a special bag you can get to put them in for carrying them about all day? Also grateful for any other tips from any mums and dads who are using cloth nappies!! Thanks folks x

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Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I've been on cloth nappies since about 4 weeks with my now nearly 6 month old and I wouldn't have it any other way. Once you get used to the additional load of washing then they really are just as convenient. Most nappy bags come with a 'wet bag' like a zip up plastic pouch. I just stick my used nappies and wipes in there when I'm out and about and then empty them out when I get home.

I'd recommend you try some out on your 17month old before the new baby comes along - your new baby will grow in them one day. And then you can see what you like, all in ones or two piece. I prefer the two piece style personally because I find I get a much better fit around the legs, and they are slightly more time consuming because you have to fold the cloth bit first but I can do it with my eyes closed now. There are many different brands out there. I use bambino mio and I'm very happy with them. Their all-in-ones I've found a bit leaky but my baby is long and lean so doesn't have the chunky legs to fill them out nicely.

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Thank you so much for the advice :) also glad to hear about the zip lock type bag - I had images of me with dirty nappies in plastic carriers - sometimes we travel for a couple of days at a time and I wasn't sure how practical it would be. Planning to practice on my son before the new baby arrives :) and start using them full timeworn both my wee ones - looking forward to trying them out. Bought a starter pack of Alva nappies to try but it only has 6 in it so will def need to get more at some point. got ones that do for birth up to 40kgs so should get lots of use out of them!

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Rachf knows her stuff, she helped me when I was looking at reusables. 😊

My baby is only two days old so haven't had the energy to get started using my bambino mio two piece nappies yet. Bear in mind drying time for your nappies, I chose the two piece ones as they dry much quicker than the all in one pocket type nappies. I will update you when I start using them on how I get on.

Another thing to think about, if you are based in the UK, contact your county council as I got £30 towards my reusables as a thankyou. They give you a list of suppliers that accepts the voucher and companies that can give you advice on which reusable will work best for you. Some of the advisors actually hire/lend nappies out for you to try and see how you find them.

Hope that all helps!


Also love cloth! My very large 10m old just grew out of Terry towel nappies and we are now in little lambs 2 piece nappies. I prefer sized nappies to one size fits all (most) because your fit is better. In planning on using them for future babies so it is fine having a range of success as they will be used again.

Hi :) (some good advice already given by the other ladies, but here goes!)

Such a good decision to go for cloth! I hate disposables, not just for the landfill but because of the chemicals in them! I wouldn't put them next to my skin, nevermind baby's...

We've been using Gnappies on our little girl since she was born (6 months now) and they are AMAZING! Definitely the best on the market for us. I've tried a few different kinds of inserts and I would really recommend the Alva baby bamboo inserts. They're really cheap and are wonderfully absorbant. And they're black so don't show the stains!

I agree with the previous posts: my changing bag from Mothercare came with a Zip lock style wet bag, but you can buy them for next to nothing online.

When we're away I hand wash the nappies and inserts so we don't get a build up and don't run out. I absolutely love Mothercare nappy soak: it's brilliant for washing nappies, either in the machine or by hand, and keeps the absorbancy at its best (my top tip: never ever use fabric softener! Ruins the absorbancy, even if only used once. Use a specific detergent such as this for the nappies and run a specific wash for them, don't be tempted to bung them in with the rest of your washing). And it always seems to be on sale so it's SO much cheaper than normal detergent.

When I went away I also took a nappy pail and soaked the nappies rather than leaving them in a bag to go smelly as it really doesn't do the inserts any favours. Don't know if this will be possible for you but it's definitely worth doing.

Next tip: find a good night-time nappy. The normal inserts just don't cut it overnight for my little girl and don't like disturbing her to change her bum. Little lambs do a great one.

I could go on forever but probably best not to :) if you would like any more advice/come across a problem then feel free to drop me a message x

I can highly recommend the Disana tie-on nappies. I used all kind of nappies with my 1st but the elastics always gave in (except for some cheap unbranded ones & tots bots) so I decided to go for a 'primitive' system this time. The Disana knitted nappies are great because they will fit from birth to potty as you just fold them to the right size. They also dry ridiculously fast. You can boost them with terries or whatever you like using. The tie is a bit of time to get used to but after a few weeks it just becomes a habit. My son is 4 months(ish) and wiggles quite a bit. They sell Disana nappies cheapest on twinkle on the web with lots of lovely wool covers. You can get a single one and see how it goes. Sorry if I was off. Just wanted to share. :) I use wet bags out and about too. When the baby's poo becomes more solid you can just knock it into the toilet so the nappy won't smell vile. :) Good luck! :)

Thanks so much ladies!! Loads of great tips and information - I'm really excited now about starting to use cloth nappies and wishing I had started sooner :) can't wait for them to arrive - thanks again xxx

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