Is this normal??

Anyone else feel the same??

I got my bfp a week ago now, 2nd pregnancy, I'm just wanting to know is anyone else worried? I don't know why but I keep having thoughts of 'what if something's wrong' it's been 4 years since I last gave birth and this pregnancy is making me so paranoid and anxious I'm not seeing my midwife for the first time for another 4 weeks. I don't feel like there's something wrong I just can't help putting these doubts in my mind.. I'm just wondering if anyone else felt like this and what they did about it? This is a very much wanted baby and I think because I'm only about 5weeks and it's another 4 till I see midwife I think I'm just worrying and getting myself in a state.. Plus I've done the dreaded google searches and worked myself up a bit more! Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!

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  • Main advice is: avoid google!!

  • I would agree to try to avoid Google (although I am also guilty of it myself!).

    I am just 15 weeks into my second pregnancy and having just the same panics. I saw my midwife for the booking appointment and had my first scan at 12 weeks and since then I have been so ill with a sickness bug and after recovering from that, my morning sickness (which was severe) had just disappeared as if someone flicked a switch. I have therefore been thinking all sorts of things (and did the dreaded Google which scared the life out of me), I ended up ringing my midwife yesterday who completely put my mind at ease, saying that as long as I wasn't experiencing any pain or cramps or bleeding then I should be fine, and I have another appointment with her in a week and a half.

    I hope you manage to relax a little, but if you are worried about anything specific just call your dr or midwife xxx

  • Thank you :) I've 'forgotten' what it's like to be pregnant since its been so long since I was last pregnant so every little twitch or cramp I feel I panic, although the ive been told that the first trimester you do have cramping as it's making room for baby, i don't seem to have it now anyway.. And this morning my morning sickness started.. It relieved me in a weird way as I know everything is happening as it should! Google is my enemy and I will definitely be staying away (or try to) 4 weeks seems such a long time away before my first app so I will constantly worry as I don't work so have nothing to pass time by! Fingers crossed the next few weeks go fast and I can have my mind put at ease xxx

  • Oh bless you, I know exactly what you mean, the waiting is definitely the worst bit, even waiting the 1.5 weeks to my next appointment feels like a lifetime! I don't think I will ever stop worrying but hopefully our next appointments will put both our minds at ease. xxx

  • Fingers crossed! I hope all goes well for you xxx

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