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Slow Labour?


Hi, you're all going to be sick of me with posts about stupid stuff! 😊

Last Wednesday I had severe back pain, with horrendous cramps going up my sides and round to my pelvic floor every hour from 11pm until 5am. They faded off on the Thursday, but I then started sneezing and feeling generally a bit like I'm getting a cold.

Last night I had milder versions of what I had last week and today I've been absolutely beyond exhausted even though I slept pretty well last night. I've got back ache again now, head is a bit sore, my sinuses ache, I feel sicky and cramping at the bottom of my bump.

I'm 40 weeks tomorrow, so could this be something happening or am I imagining things? Any clues would be great! Got a midwife appointment on Tuesday so will be asking then anyway.

Thanks in advance! Xxx

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The cramping sounds like Braxton hicks which are practice contractions. The days before I gave birth I was feeling healthy and full of energy but everyone is different. Baby could be here very soon. Good luck, try to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy rather than worrying.

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It just feels different to what I've had before. No doubt I'll see. She'll come when she's ready.

Could be early labour? Sounds like what I had when I was in early labour. However you can be in early labour for a long time- I was in early labour 1cm dilated with my little one but she didn't come until 5 days later. If your not sure could ask the midwife to take a look tomorrow. Have you had a show yet?

I think your cramps do sound like the early stages of your body getting ready for it. However I think the sneezing and achiness is probably a cold at an unfortunate time! If you get really flu-ey then do please keep an eye out for pre-eclampsia symptoms, Doesn't sound like you have this at all, but if you were feeling really suddenly under the weather it should be checked out. But I guess they will be checking your blood pressure and urine on Tuesday so they would pick that up if it was on the horizon :)

hope baby comes soon! x

Thanks ladies! I'm being closely monitored for pre-eclampsia as it runs in my family, but so far so good!

No show yet that I've noticed, but I don't really check when I go to the loo.

I'll let you know if there's anything to say after my appointment this afternoon. 😊


Hope your appointment went well :-)

I think it did. My protein is up a tiny bit, but blood pressure is ok. They did a check, I'm 2cm dilated. They then did a sweep and I had my show there and then which the midwife was shocked at.

I'm now back home and have started to have period type pains, though not regular just yet. Very random.

Ahhh! Fingers crossed I'll get to meet my little miss soon!


Wow def early labour then! Maybe tomorrow......?!? You'll feel the difference to full blown labour, that will be regular, intense pains that get closer and closer together. When I had a sweep, was told a bath helps speed things up sometimes?

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I've put the hot water on for a bath. 😊. I'm currently being lazy, lying in bed with a hot water bottle. Back has started aching more now too. Yey! The boyfriend was talking to bump last night and told her she can come Tuesday night/Wednesday as its due to rain so he won't be able to go to work. Maybe she listened. We will see! X

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Lol, rainy day baby. Hope you have a good night and maybe get some sleep before it all kicks off x

So exciting!!

Still no baby yet! Got another appointment this afternoon so we'll see what she says.

Come on squidgey I want to meet you!!! X

Aaaw poor you! Hope all goes well.

Just got back from hospital. My bp is too high and protein in urine, along with a bad head today. 😢

Nothing found with blood tests, so back home now. Going back tomorrow to see what happens next.

I knew I didn't feel right this morning!


Getting induced tomorrow! Can't decide whether I'm excited or nervous about it all!

On the plus side I'll be meeting my little lady soon! ❤

Good luck hun xxxx

Hope today goes well x

Niamh May, born at 00:16 on 1st June, weighing 7lbs 4ozs. She's perfect! 😍

Congratulations hun hope mama daddy and babe are all doing great xx

Wow. Congrats. Welcome Niamh May. Were you finally induced or did she come on her own. Hope you all are doing great.

Bit of a long story and it wasn't nice. I had an allergic reaction to both types of induction artificial hormones, so had to stop but it luckily had started my labour so I started 'proper' contractions about 4ish Sunday evening, and I wont lie ladies, I was in agony until about 7, as nobody believed I hurt that bad. Then they gave me some injection, and it was fab! Haha. I started talking about cleaning the dinosaur cage! 🙈 xxx

Congratulations! X

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