Well NOBODY warns you about that!

Well ladies, for the first time yesterday I experienced the joys of "growing pains" or "cramps". Jeez I thought something was going wrong! I seriously thought that that was it.... Until I rationalised and decided that it couldn't that serious as there was no showing what so ever of any blood, so I calmed myself a little and then did the dreaded thing of gooooogling.

But, for once, Google did the trick. The cramps I was feeling, we're just "growing pains". But nobody tells you about these. I wasn't until I searched that I found sites with loads of women experiencing exactly the same thing. So ladies, if you are just reaching your second trimester...Word of warning, cramps, are indeed normal.

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  • I had cramps from really early on! Before the test was positive! A hot water bottle helps if you're struggling with them. Or its a good excuse to get the fella to give you a back rub. 😊 mines twigged that I used him early on, and now I really need them so he can't escape. Haha. X

  • Ahaha I like your style... My husband is becoming slowly more in tune with the fact that there is a little more to just growing the child and is slowly becoming more sympathetic.... I have have to use the hot water bottle to trick to try and sway him a little more πŸ˜‰ but on the serious note.... I think a hot water bottle will definitely be used occasionally.

  • There's a lot they don't warn you about, probably because it would put any sane person off having a child! Haha. I had cramps at the beginning, ligament pains later on plus the added bonus of pgp which means I'm in some sort of pain or discomfort most of the time, oh the joys! Only 10 weeks to go though so I think I can get through that :-)

  • Haha. I just assumed id get pregnant then have a baby! Conveniently ignored morning sickness, hip pains, ligament pains, pains in my bits, mood swings, etc. Its all good fun! πŸ™ˆ x

  • That it is, how dare we be so naive! Plus side to finally becoming a MTB is that I can actually sympathise with the poor women you see huffing and puffing and struggling around town, there hands rubbing their bellies, their backs, their sides. Us poor women.

  • You soon forget all the bad bits...till you go and get pregnant again lol I'm on number 4!! Xx

  • Oooo sucker for punishment you crazy lady you!

  • not forgetting the no sleep during the actual pregnancy let alone when you've had the baby!x

  • I'm only 13/14 weeks and sleep is a no go at the moment! What the hell, who needs to sleep anyway!

  • Haha! Sane? What? You have to be sane to have children???? Nobody told me that one either lol woo you'll be fine, I'll bet your dead excited!!!

  • Ah sleep, I vaguely remember what a full night of that feels like! Haha. I'm still dealing with my pregnancy in small stages like I was a the beginning, so it's 5 weeks until I finish work, that's the next goal to get too. I'm hoping I don't have an impatient child haha

  • So true. You only hear about labour pains; its easier if you're active in pregnancy plus you forget it soon enough. Ha! What about the weeks inbetween.

    I was actually looking forward to being pregnant cos then no more monthly cramps. I take it all back.

    8weeks and looking forward to second trimester when the discomfort goes. Now "completenewbie" tells me that's a noshow 😒

  • Sorry about that lol I was the same...mooring forward to the second trimester...Mel this morning it all got even better when I woke with man flu! Yaaaaay!!!!

  • Lol. It's okay. Thanks for the heads up. Means I don't freak out thinking the worst .

  • Glad I could be of service x

  • I'm sorry to do this but just wait until your third trimester when everything hurts, you get out of breath just talking and you swell up like a beach ball!! You think these early days are bad.... ;)

    I've got 7 weeks to go and I'm hoping that my new baby will be worth all this pain! ha ha If not, I'm sending it back! (Jokes!)

    Good luck and I hope you have an amazing pregnancy!!


  • Haha, I've been saying that to my little madam, behave or you get sent back, she's not listening though lol.

  • I think I will rolling around on a mobility scooter or something to that effect by the end of it. My hips etc are aching already! I love you guys, you never fail to make me chuckle πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I hope the remainder of yours is wonderful also x

  • Not only have I got the cramps, just passed 12 weeks, I have bleeding too, nothing to worry about apparently, but I really did think I wouldn't have to buy any more sanitary products. let alone the fact I hate pads. Sometimes I hate Google, I am trying really hard not to look too much about the bleeding, also the fibroid I "might" have that could just be a contraction in the uterus when I had my scan yesterday. I hope it gets easier in the 2nd trimester, please tell me it does! lol Sorry rant over.

  • Aww bless u sweety.... Well the start of my second trimester was pants but it's definitely getting better... Apart from my hormones. They are very up and down, today especially lol I've gone from a snotty crying mess to an angry lady and just about half an hour ago a giggling (on the verge of wetting myself) hysteria lol eating is getting a little easier aswell woooooo! I hope your pregnancy gets smoother soon xxxxx

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