Braxton hicks

Can anyone tell me what these feel like. I've been having back pain and lower bump pain today especially when walking. I keep getting tightening like rock hard bump but no pain. My baby is moving about but not as frantic as normal he seems more relaxed today. I'm not really sure what's happening. I was induced on my last pregnancy and when I started contractions they just hurt.

Any insight I would be very grateful

Laura x

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My Braxton hicks have just been the bump being tight. No pain. Though recently I have been having pains similar to you! I'm 39 weeks and 4 days how many weeks are you? My midwife said it was pre-labour contractions which are similar to Braxton hicks but a bit stronger. X

I am 37 +3 days my midwife told me Tuesday the baby was low. I'm not sure if it's the start of labour or just a practice run.

Tight bump is likely bh. If you think the movement is reduced or not usual for you make sure you go to the day unit to get checked out for peace of mind x

personally my braxton hicks were regular cramps in the week leading up to active labour - like very bad period pain, sharp and dull pain at the same time. pain felt in back and kind of up my bum ... xx

Sometimes they were uncomfortable, a tightening sensation on the bump. The further along I got the worse they were, sometimes have me up all night. Warmish baths helped ease them though.

I started having them at week 33 and now I am almost week 35 they come and go. I get a tightening cramp feeling under my bump. I guess where I would have a period pain but they aren't an achey pain! I guess we are all different though!

I have also been getting pain right at the top of my right inner thigh like it has been pulled during exercise. I can't say I have been to any kettle bell classes in the last 7 and a half months so I am guessing the baby is the cause of that too :)

Our Early Signs of Labour article has some information on Braxton Hicks that might be useful for you:

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