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Bleeding in early pregnancy


there ladies, just looking for a bit of advice at this very stressful time. This is my second pregnancy, sadly I had a misscarraige back in January at 10 weeks and had an operation to remove. This time round I am 6 and a half weeks and on Friday night I went to the loo, wiped myself and noticed red blood... It seems to have continued to today but now it's brown... Only seems to happen when I wipe myself, however I've also got some period pains aswel. I called the early pregnancy and they can't see me until Tuesday so I've just been resting. Just wondered if anyone had experienced this? So frustrating as took us 9 months to conceive and that was after laparoscopy for endo and we were devastated the first time round and now it may be happening again :( I am 27 x

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Hey bobby. Hopefully the scan tomorrow will put your mind at ease but until then try not to worry (easier said than done I know). There can be lots of reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy and brown blood is generally considered a good sign (that's what midwives in my epas have told me in the past) - it's older blood - so if it's changed from pink to brown then there's a good chance it's nothing to worry about. I bled a few times in my first pregnancy and have a beautiful 18 month old now.

I had a small amount of spotting when I was pregnant and I now have a healthy 14 month old. Bleeding in pregnancy is normal for some. I noticed that the spotting seemed to come if I had been busy running around at work or else if me and my partner had sex and I orgasmed (tmi). Could this have been the cause with u?

Thanks for the replies ladies, it's just so scary because I had a misscarraige before, it's like I've told myself that's it... It's definitely happening again. I still have the blood it's still brown and again only when I wipe, I do have period pains aswel but nothing bad. I didn't do anything Friday for it to come on I think Thursday evening we may have but it just seems so strange to still bleed now. I've managed to get a scan today half 12 dreading it but at least we will know, fingers and toes crossed xx

Sorry to hear you are going through this, I know it is incredibly stressful. I had a significant amount of bleeding at 7 weeks - much, much more blood than a heavy period, plus very large clots. I was certain I had had a miscarriage but the scan 3 days later found a heartbeat and my cervix was closed. No one seemed to have an explanation as to the bleeding.

I am not suggesting you ignore this, there is a chance it is the start of a miscarriage, but equally there is a good chance all is fine, especially as you have not had prolonged bleeding or severe cramps. Good luck at the scan and please let us know how you are doing.

Check out Mumsnet for lots of discussion on threatened miscarriage, you will find a huge range of experiences there on early bleeding.

Bobbyt23 in reply to azulpear

Thanks azulpear it's good to hear people's stories which are positive. I bet you aswel were worried sick with that! I am keeping my fingers crossed I am just so scared it's happening all over again. Will keep you posted xx

Good news guys my little bean had a strong heartbeat and is growing as it should be :) the bleed she thinks is from an implantation bleed we are so happy xxx

Aw that's great news bobby! And how cool to see your wee bean! I've got a scan of my daughter when she was 6 weeks and it's amazing how they go from a wee bean to a wee baby by the 12 week scan! xx

Bobbyt23 in reply to Serafina

It really was amazing! Can't wait for the 12 week scan I wish I could see every week lol x

I have this at the moment and have a scan on Friday

Bobbyt23 in reply to Kittyy

Try and stay positive kitty, I was so scared it's a very scary thing hang in there. When did your bleeding start? What sort of colour is it? X

Last Sunday but it's not constant. I had a very light bleed that lasted a few hours but no clots nothing then since then every few days when I wipe there will be abit of blood once then that is it x

It could well be an implantation ion bled as it's not constant or heavy x

I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks pregnant, then I became pregnant again August of 2013. I bleed for the first three weeks after finding out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. I thought it was another miscarriage, but after doing a lot of testing, everything turned out fine and I eventually stopped bleeding and now I have a beautiful 1 year old son. Good luck!

How did you get on, I hope everything is ok?


Bobbyt23 in reply to Finemama

Good thank you ultrasound showed strong heartbeat and baby to be growing at the right size :) she said the bleed was likely to be an inflation bleed it's settled down down so I'm feeling positive and very happy. Was just so scared because I had a misscarraige and it's just awefuk I guess when it happens it's so hard to think it won't happen again x

Bobby,I think dere is nothing bad yet cos dere was no clots of blood which would ve been a cause for alarm.i witnessed bleeding wit little blood clots & yet got a BFP.Gudluck.

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