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I try to use natural toiletries wherever possible, and drink herbal teas/infusions. There is a lot of scaremongering out there about which if any of these are safe or unsafe during pregnancy.

Last pregnancy I ate ginger biscuits to combat nausea. This time I would prefer a healthier alternative of ginger tea. I drank chamomile tea to replace 'normal' tea but found NHS medical research now suggests to avoid until further research done (when?),

I want to find hot drinks I can drink to feel better that I won't be panicking whether they are harming me or baby.

I want to continue using natural toiletries and cosmetics as I believe they are better for my skin, but I don't want to use products with ingredients that could harm my unborn baby.

I would love it if there was nationally approved medical advice on these matters.

Can anyone help with sources of credible advice or research? Most articles you read are from individuals with little expertise, or are so ambiguous they leave you more confused, or as I suspect the end result will be, admit that as no one wants to experiment on pregnant women, nobody can confirm until they have reports of things going wrong for individuals and investigate possible root causes.

You could say give it all up just for pregnancy, but what are the alternatives? What should you use to combat nausea, I have to try to battle it as my young daughter won't look after herself while mummy curls up in a ball each morning! I have to wash myself, so if natural products are bad and contact with chemicals are not recommended (remember that overly scary report they issued on household products) what is the answer? Probably that it is up to us, but we are not professionals or experts so we need someone to help advise. I want to do what is best but it seems there is no way to know what that is.

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Hi, I've had a nosy on the internet when I first got pregnant and found a website called

It has natural pregnancy safe beauty products and teas to help with various things. I didn't get round to buying anything from there, but you may find it useful. 😊

I agree that there needs to be more proper advice out there, I was worried which bubble bath and bath salts were safe to use initially, so I just opted for organic baby products. X


Thanks for the url. I am currently opting for moderation, limiting ginger tea til needed, alternating camomile and lemongrass teas etc each day and keeping products with essential oils to minimum. For first three months anyway.


I have drank Clipper Decaf Tea throughout my pregnancy as it is natural and the caffeine is removed without the use of chemicals.

I just try to be healthy in general and eat loads of fruit and veg, mostly organic, only free range or organic meat, and limit sugar and additives. I drink 'Feel Good' drinks from the supermarket as they are only fruit and water with no added sugar or sweeteners.

I don't use any bath products that are super perfumed as anyway they are not good for your skin, and mostly use Body Shop. I make my hubby do the cleaning so I don't use bleach or strong cleaning products. Other than that I don't drive myself mad with analysing the individual ingredients of everything that comes into the house, as I do think that the stress of worrying about everything that you eat or use on your body will do more harm than anything else!

There is a lot of crap info on the internet. Use common sense and take it with a pinch of (natural sea) salt!! :)


Thanks for your viewpoint. Decaf tea is a separate plant so isnt processed unlike decaf coffee (but this can processed with just water, it varies). Natural toiletries tend to have essential oils to catch 22! I have avoided body shop since l'oreal bought them. They no longer do a more natural shower gel. Looks like you guess and hope for the best. I dont think common sense alone can help decipher medical properties of ibgredients but i know what you are saying. Fingers crossed knowledge improves. A nhs natural pregnancy guide would be great but who has the funds for that lol!


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