Spotting fresh blood

Hi everyone, I am seriously worried...

when i whipped myself i found fresh blood and I am so scared.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I don't have any pain. I am trying to rationalise, however my GP surgery can't fit me in, the nearest walking centre has no GP available... The only option left is A&E... I am terribly unsure what I should be doing.

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Hi there, is the bleeding only very light? If so, then there is a very good chance that this is just baby implanting and shouldn't be anything to worry about. Most women do spot a small amount. I did a small bit. If you are really worried though, I would definitely ring my doctors back and ask for them just to call me back if they can't fit you in. If they refuse to do this then nhs direct is always an option. I would try to avoid a&he with the pressure that those poor people are under anyway.

I know it's difficult and it's incredibly easy to upset yourself but please try not to stress yourself out too much as this is no good for you or baby.

I hope this helps you a small amount.

Congratulations and good luck xxxxx


I agree with completenewbie, I bled for about 10 days on and off, mainly brownish discharge but a few times it was pinkish. It was just implantation bleeding and everything is fine at 7 weeks, no more bleeding.

If you are bleeding a lot or passing clots and having to change a pad regular (more than every couple of hours) contact your GP or call midwife dept. Other wise if it just there when wiping try not to worry, I know it is difficult not to worry. Any problems we are here for you. x

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I had the same problem last weekend, I starting spotting light brown blood. I called Nhs 24 and they advised me to take it easy if I got cramps and heavier fresh blood or passing blood clots to attend A&E. Hope this helps. Wish you all the best xx


Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing that a GP or indeed A&E could do to check if everything is ok this early on, and nothing they could do if it was not, so sadly it is neither a good use of their time nor going to help you. It most likely is ok though, and you just have to stay positive!!

They usually don't like to scan you before 8 weeks as it is often too early to see a heartbeat. If I was you I would take the first GP appointment that is available (even if it is in a week or two) and then ask them to refer you to the Early Pregnancy Unit for a viability scan.

Its a waiting game and I know how tough that is, but keep your chin up and fingers crossed everything works out well xx


Hi all, went to GP and been referred to EPU - bad cramps + spotting. had the scan yesterday and seen tiny baby 6.8mm and heart beat also. Thanks for the support


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