Hello well on April 4 I got my period on April 12 I was having horrible pain I went to ER and the Dr said I got a rupture cyst so I said OK. So on may 1 I was suppose to get my period I bleed a little bit and then then at night I had horrible cramps it went away in 5 min I been spotting red now it's brown and then it goes away I been moody and nauseous I took 3 pregnancy test and it came out negative I don't know if its because of the rupture cycst that u miss a period I always have my period on time never miss a period I don't know what it is so confuse

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Hi Meli. It may be a good idea to go back and see your GP again to get further advice.


Hello I talked to my gp and she told me to wait for 14 days,


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