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I'm 15 weeks now in my second pregnancy, and I've experienced severe morning sickness this time round. At my worst I lost a stone in the space of a weekend. I got my weight back up to what it was originally before falling pregnant but I haven't gained any more? I swear I must of had some sort of weight gain by now last time, I'm still having bad days with sickness but I'm keeping down more than before. Should I have experienced some weight gain by now? Is it a problem that I haven't? I have a obvious growing bump but still wearing my what I'd call my skinny jeans. Any input much appreciated 😊

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Hi, I didn't gain any weight until I was around 30 weeks. I lost just over a stone with morning sickness up to 20 weeks, and it took a long time to get my weight back up as I just wasn't hungry. I'm 37 weeks now and even now have only put on just over a stone since before being pregnant, but bump is the right size and her heartbeat is fine. Everyone is different, but I wouldn't have thought you'd have had much of a weight gain just yet as its still pretty early days really. 😊 hope that helps a little bit. X


Thanks for your reply! Just find it strange as my last pregnancy my weight just went up and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This time, although it is early days like u say, I'm finding it hard to gain weight! I suppose as long as baby is fine and well I shouldn't complain. 😊 thanks again 😊


I was the same, I had to eat crap like McDonalds and quite a bit of chocolate, but early on, as I said with being sick I couldn't keep a lot down, and only really ate grapes and melon as that's all my stomach could handle. Haha. Its a pain isn't it! My midwife actually at one point recommended slim fast milkshakes just to get something in my system. 😊 your midwife might be able to give you some ideas, but I don't think you need to worry just yet. Every pregnancy is different (so I'm told, its my first baby, so just going with what I'm told!) I had the gestational diabetes check as I was overweight but with all the sickness it obviously worked in my favour as I don't have it. 😊 x


I actually dropped weight during the last 3 months of my pregnancy. Whilst it is normal for your weight to increase, everybody is different. Even each pregnancy can differ hugely. My friend experienced severe sickness and was given tablets to help. If you feel you are coping with the sickness and your not continuing to lose too much weight, i wouldn't worry. Weight fluctuates every month....there's not always a steady increase.

However if your concerned, i would talk to your doctor or midwife. Get regular weight checks or ask for something to help control the sickness. If it's a long time until your can get an appointment, you can take record of you weight every week, to help inform your doctor.


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