Period and 2 negative hpt

Period and 2 negative hpt

My period came on time. My period in march was on the 13th and then my period in april was on the 10th (28days). Two weeks after my 2-days but heavy period, i experience dizziness for the whole day, breast tenderness and i lost my appetite. I took 2 pregnancy tests which both came out negative. Am i pregnant? It has been 3 weeks now after mynlast period.

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  • Could have been hormonal changes due t ovulation that made you feel dizzy and tender breasts? If your period doesn't come next week take another test xx

  • I hope it comes next week :( do you think im pregnant?

  • I wouldn't have thought that you were pregnant if you had a period, though obviously it can happen and I'm certainly no doctor. If you are worried make an appointment with GP next week, they can do a test/ or even a blood test.. Good luck x

  • Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it :) btw i took 2 pt again and both are negative. Thank you! xx

  • Periods are weird things.. If you are stressing you will notice more signs such as dizziness and breast tenderness.. Sounds like your not pregnant but hormones may have changed. Periods are never always the same each month. One month you could feel ok then the nect you could feel like your dying.. If a positive is what you want.. I hope you get it very soon xx

  • I tried another hpt and it was negative. So 3 negatives and if i were pregnant i should be 7 weeks by now

  • Just to add, i still feel these symptoms till now

  • I very much doubt your pregnant hun, try to stop stressing it really doesnt help xx

  • I'm sorry i can't help it i'm just not yet ready. I really hope i'm not pregnant. I read that most symptoms come when one is on her 6th week and my dizziness came on the 6th week. Again, i'm sorry. I appreciate your help. I hope i'm not pregnant. Thank you! xx

  • Everyone is different but I doubt you'd still be having periods on time, I knew I was pregnant before I even did a test with my first! If you think you would be 7 weeks I'd say it's unlikely a pregnancy test wouldn't have picked it up

  • I have read a lot about false negatives so i'm still a little worried. I also read that i could still have my 1st period if the fertilized egg wasn't implanted yet before period and then i would miss the next. But i was thinking, if i did the deed ten days after march 13 then it SHOULD HAVE implanted already and i should miss my period. I'm so sorry i'm just a little confused. I hope i get my period this week. Thank you! I appreciate your help! xx

  • So you too don't think i'm pregnant? ☺

  • I am dealing with the same of last period was March 13, and have not had period since...all negative test (blood & urine). plus blood test showed NO reason why period stopped when I am regular like clockwork...I feel that you do know your own body...and if you don't feel right something is going on....look up more may be too early for you to confirm pregnancy...

  • Hello sweetmomma. But i had my menses for april and may. And also 4 negative hpts

  • you really could be--every woman's body is BFF is more convinced than I am that I am pregnant....but I would definitely go to doctor to get checked out...because it could be a sign of something else.

    i still don't have could be too early or ectopic (where preg test comes up neg) currently trying to get ultrasound to confirm or rule out...its hard to get ultrasound without positive test. do you still have symptoms? like i am having every door slammed in my face, any doctors office OBGYN or Primary all tell me Neg test means you are not pregnant....

  • You got me worried sweetmomma. :( i dont wanna get pregnant. Maybe you were just a little stressed?

    No dizziness and tender breast anymore but having some headaches. But im really confused since i got my periods and neg hpt. :(

  • hi...still no period...still no answer...i am trying to get ultrasound. feeling more pregnant...everyone saying no. my body tells me different. well if anything i am healthy. I've heard about the stress. this isn't stress. i am trying to find out what is in my lower abdominal region if it isn't an embryo...because i feel everything getting bigger and fuller. thank you for your concern

  • the headaches i have read are from progesterone...if that is the cause. progesterone I believe is produce or release (don't quote me) from uterine wall (?) uterus getting bigger or tearing away or something like that...

  • I hope you're fine and that you may soon get the results you want. Please update me xx

  • thank you. every test--blood draw & pap has shown all normal. did see DR (reg internist) this am. finally got referral for both kinds of ultrasounds. this should clear up the mystery. i so feel like something growing or getting bigger in uterine area and not gaining weight type of thing....i will.

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