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New to all this ....8 weeks and 3 days

Hi I'm all new to this and me and my partner are so happy. Although at the moment I feel like complete rubbish. So tired yet can't sleep through the night, can't get comfy, aches and pains, the worst sore breasts ever ,bad dreams .... It's really making me suffer and most days it means I just don't go to work as I am so tired and also working in retail standing on my feet for most of the day doesn't help.

Although work are supportive I feel like I'm letting them down. My partner and family Keep telling me to look after myself and our baby and to just relax. Which I know is right !

Just wondering if anyone else is like this ?

Hopefully once the 12 weeks have passed I will start to glow and feel better but right now I just look and feel a mess !

Any tips on how to sleep better? I would appreciate your comments/help its scary being pregnant for the first time and everything changing so quick.

Thanks xx

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It's my first aswell.... I'm at around 10 weeks now and I am in the process of feeling crappy aswell. If you look at my last post, that may help with a few tips on sickness. As for sleeping, warm cozy baths, warm drinks, no tele before bed, remove all electronics out of your room, read if that helps and I can definitely recommend the sleep sprays from febreeze.... The milk and honey one is just lovely.

Definitely nap as and when you can, but also don't vegetate too much... Remember exercise also gives you energy. So make sure you have a good balance.

Try and eat as healthy as possible, lots of fibre. Your breasts will get some much better, yes mine are heavier and larger but they are no where near as sore now. I spend a couple of weeks in a bikini top without a wire in, that was very comfortable. I'm now back into a normal bra.... For now. Just persevere I'm afraid.

Hope you get to feel a bit better soon.

P.s. Watch out for the colds!!!! Make sure you are taking your vitamins!


Thanks for commenting back . Yes I have already started eating healthy , never used to eat veg now I'm living off the stuff. Just getting used to everything is so hard , I can actually feel my body stretching and getting bigger as stupid as that sounds. Just can't wait for the 12 weeks to be over then hopefully get my glow. I'm only a small 8 and already struggling with my clothes. The annoying part is I've had to stop doing as much at work as I am a merchandiser so spent nearly every min of my day lifting , moving and going up and down ladders. So people are already asking questions, just can't wait until I can say 'I'm pregnant ' ha ha

Haven't suffered with sickness really so I'm lucky with that one. Just the odd stomach church in when I've smelt things as I pick up on horrendous smells at the moment. Might get some of that bedroom spray , probably doesn't help that my boyfriend likes to watch films next to me whilst I sleep and I just wake up automatically.

He might have to start staying downstairs so I can get a good sleep ha ha

Hope your pregnancy is going well !!!!!! Xx


Best tip for sore breast is go buy a sleep bra! Mothercare do a two pack for £20, they are like training bras but make a world of difference! Iv wound up with four so I can have one every nite! Mine were really painful but eased off around 12 weeks xxx


Those sleep bras sound good. I'm struggling with breast tenderness too ATM. I'm 12 wks 6days. I've found spooning a nursing pillow good as I think my problem is I naturally want to lie on my boobs n that really hurts! Also sleep is better without electronic I've found too(maybe banish the TV to downstairs) .

Sounds like you've got good boss and partner being considerate. I've just started new job as I found out I was pregnant so now feel I shouldn't let them down ever to prove myself as good employee but with my morning sickness and working at hospital I dread what patients think of me every time I go a bit sickly!

What week do the breast tenderness calm down anyone?


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