Vertigo in 1st Trimester


I have been struck by vertigo since Wednesday, I have never experienced this in previous pregnancies and it has stopped me working, driving, struggling to care for my son. I can be symptomatic all day even in bed or start off ok and then get an attack of it start without warning.

I saw the GP today who said it was common in pregnancy and can be a sign of a twin pregnancy (a bit far fetched in my opinion), but there is nothing that can be done to help it and it can last most of the way through the pregnancy

Has anyone else suffered with this? Did you find anything that helped? Did you have a twin pregnancy?

Thanks in Advance

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Hmmm, any chance you could be anaemic? I would go back to the GP and ask for a blood test to check

In the meantime, try and cut down on caffeine (if you haven't already) and take your pregnancy related multivitamins (if you're not already!)

I have heard a lot of "oh well, its just a symptom of pregnancy unfortunately" and basically been told to get on with it! Its taken me until 29 weeks to be referred for physio for my painful hips!

Other than that just take it easy and good luck




I never expected twins but suffered from vertigo for a while at the beginning of my pregnancies, although it was not as bad as for you. anything that was moving made me feel that my surrounding was spinning around me. That is how I suspected that I may be pregnant the second time round as I had suffered from the same during my first pregancy.

It did eventually calm down along with the nausea that I was also experiencing during the first trimester.

Do you have someone who can help you when you are not feeling good?

If you start struggling too much with it, maybe you should speak with your midwife and try to find out if there are respite options available?

How old is your little boy? Can he play by himself or watch TV for a while when you are unwell?

I hope you get better soon and good luck.


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