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Struggling at the mo ladies...

Well ladies, I officially feel like a pile of poooooo. I know I'm just whinging so please bare with me, this is just me off loading.

Getting fed up my stomach yo-Yoing backwards and forwards with regards as to how it wants to feel. One minute I feel amazing, the next I'm throwing up everywhere and can't possibly eat anything.

I'm loosing weight, just purely because I don't think I'm getting enough nutrients. Yes, granted I do need to loose weight, but just not like this. Even my ginger biscuits aren't helping to settle it any more 😐. I'm struggling to keep water down, so I'm being really rubbish at keeping hydrated.

I have a nap and that makes me feel sick, I don't have a nap and that makes me feel sick, heaven forbid I cough!!!

Jeez, I walked into work the other day, coughed and had to run to the loo, I opened the door and there's 2 concerned faces staring at me.... Not embarrassing much, as I emerge, tears eyed and all flushed.

Fingers crossed this all settles soon, otherwise I'm either gunna waste away or lose the plot!

I hope all the rest of you are well xxxxxxxx

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Oh bless you, I really sympathise, I was just the same with my first (admitted to hospital and put on a drip twice) and now again with my second. How far along are you?

Because of how I was first time round and because I started being very sick around 5 weeks this time I went to see my gp.

They will test your urine for ketones in case you're too dehydrated (fortunately I went on one of the days I had been able to keep my water down so was ok - otherwise I'd have been admitted again) and they can prescribe a safe anti nausea medication if needed. I have been on cyclizine for around 2 weeks now and have gone from not being able to keep anything down and vomiting 8/9 times a day to only being sick occasionally. It does take a while to work so not an instant fix, but definitely helps quality of life.

Hope things improve.



I'm getting on for 10 weeks now... Still awaiting to see somebody to confirm that. I wouldn't say it's quite as bad as yourself. But if it does get any worse I do Think I shall be speaking to the midwife/ doctor. On the upside, I have just managed a slice of toast with Nutella on it.... Not sure how long it's going to last for but its a start 😆

Thanks for your reply, I hope things calm down for you soon xxxx


Oh bless you, how many weeks are you now? If you are not able to keep anything down it may worth a visit to your gp just to make sure you and baby are getting everything you need. Everyone has told me on my low days that the second trimester is so much better so I've mainly been counting down to the scan to try and focus on that telling myself I'll feel much better by that point.

And... Scan is tomorrow and I can't tell you how much better I feel, still getting some bad days but they seem to be getting further apart(fingers crossed anyway, hope I'm not speaking too soon) on the down side can't find a single thing to wear😢

Hang in there, I really hope you start to feel better soon xx


Ah I'm so jealous, I'm now where near having a scan yet, which is really grating on me. I don't see midwife until nearly 12 weeks and you just know it's going to be a week or more before I even receive a date for my scan and then that then may tell me I have to wait at least another week.... Somehow I think I will be getting a very late scan, which will not sit well...

I'm around 10 weeks yeh not too long before I see madam midwife but it just seems to be taking an age to get here, I just want some medical professional to go... Yes kirsty you are pregnant here everything you would possibly ever need to know in a leaflet and let's get the ball rolling on everything.... I can really ring my hr department at work until I have an expected due date and actual medical proof that there is definitely something growing inside me....

Why do things never quite go the way you hoped they would lol.

Talking about finding things to wear, fortunately because I'm losing weight, I'm not finding things too difficult to squeeze into still. Bonus!

Good luck with your scan tomorrow! I bet you're super excited!!!!


Hi Newbie, you poor thing. Only advice I cam give is what worked for me - acupuncture. Ended up having it throughout pregnancy but swore it helped get rid of sickness and avoid most of the other nasties - piles, constipation, indigestion, varicous veins and extreme tiredness and pain...I'm 40 so needed all the help I could get.


Ahh my lovely hopeful 😊 as always you make me smile. You know what, I think I am just about ready for trying anything that anybody wants to throw at me. I just haven't got a clue where does acupuncture around my area.... Hmmm... I shall definitely have a look into it. 😉 ah the wonders of pregnancy, can't wait for those piles!!!! Bring them on!!!!

P.s. I'm sure you are just as fit and healthy as what I am.... If not even more so!!!!!


I know how you feel. I was so bad up to about 20 weeks. It turned out it was because of severe acid reflux in the end bad I've had to cut a lot of things out my diet. I still get the odd day where I feel naff but it's getting easier, I'm now 26 weeks.


I had a lot of acid come up this morning.... May have to look at what I'm eating then.... Grrrr


Can't hurt. In particular try and cut out spicy, fatty foods. Caffeine, acidic fruit/juices, chocolate (grrrr!!), carbonated drinks. Also been advised to eat smaller meals and not to eat less than 3 hours before bed time. So not much really! Haha


Oh my god, and they expect you to remember this??? Lol fatty is possibly an issue... Seeing as all my body wants to eat in quavers lol


I have a list... Can barely remember my own name most days haha. Certain things may not trigger yours off, my little madam seems like the all or nothing type! Hope you start to feel better soon though, i was barely functioning for 18 weeks and it seems to be flaring up again so it may need to be a trip back to get some antacid medication for me :-(


Hi lovely, hope you're feeling a little better. I was very similar with my sickness, though I didn't find haribo cola bottles sweets seemed to settle my tummy. Lol. If you can manage milkshakes they have some goodness in to help keep your energy up. 😊 regarding midwife/scan appointments, you could always ring up your local birthing unit and book the scan yourself, and ring the midwife to check for a cancellation appointment. X


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