12 week scan at 14 weeks

I am very nearly 11 weeks pregnant. I finally got my scan appointment letter today and its 2 weeks later than I thought it would be.

I've had a misscarraige before and I am very nearly 40 and worried about the potential consequences of this and I was looking forward to the reassurance, or otherwise, of the scan so am not happy about the delay.

We have not told anybody that I am pregnant and were planning to wait until after the scan. I'm already fed up with giving excuses for feeling rubbish all the time (while getting noticeably fatter!).

Should I phone up to ask if its possible to have the scan earlier? Or am I being neurotic? Should i just chill out and go with the flow, which may include telling people and dealing with any potential consequences?

Any advise gratefully received!

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Maybe check if you can have it sooner. Also if your having the n screening bloods done I think you need that before 14 weeks. I'm not 100% sure with that but maybe worth checking


The letter doesnt explain whether the blood test is at the same time so i will phone up to check and at the same time see if there is any possibility to bring it forward.


Hi Wuezy, Im having a similar problem, I am 40 and miscarried last year and so am concerned that this pregnancy is ok, but have been told that I cant have a scan until 12-14 weeks.

If you're having the scan for downs syndrome though I think it has to be between 11 and 14 weeks - maybe see your GP he can get you referred if necessary.

Congratulations though, and just try and relax!


I'll have a chat with my midwife if i have no joy with the booking people.

Congratulations to you too and hope it all goes well for you. The process of becoming an older mother is much scarier than i realised beforehand!


Hey hun, just ring up the hospital where the scans are done and ask if there's an appointment sooner. I'm 30 and I wish I had got an earlier appointment as my first scan was at 13 weeks 6 days which is only just in time for the downs screening (though I only thought I was 11 weeks!) but me and baba are classed as low risk and I get to meet her in about 4 weeks!!!! 🙊 x


Thanks for your relpy and all the best for your imminent arrival!


@Wuezy, I am going to be 40 in June. I had been actively trying for my third child since 2012. Finally to the glory of God I believe I am pregnant now. My period is almost 3weeks late and I have been nauseating a lot. The signs are quite clear, however I want to wait a bit more before taking pregnancy test. Having read your post now I just realise that if I leave it for too long, I might get a late appointment for my first scan or even miss the scan. I guess I have to act fast now.


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