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I have always been easily irritated but I am sure it is getting worse in pregnancy, and there are SO many pregnancy related things to be annoyed about so I thought I'd have a mini rant - sorry if anyone is offended :)

For example it really annoys me how so many people call their baby 'bubs/bub/bubba' instead of just saying 'baby'. It really grates on my nerves and I have no idea why, it's so ridiculous to be annoyed by such things!, but when people refer to my baby as my 'bubs' I want to smack them!

I also get enraged when people talk about 'baby wearing'. They are not an accessory! You are not WEARING them, you are CARRYING them, in a sling. Grrr.

Anyone else finding that their tolerance levels are at an all time low??

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  • i'm the complete opposite! im starting to tolerate things much more... must be getting me prepared lol

  • Driving to my mums yesterday evening, the sun was so low even THAT was getting on my nerves! The sun....shining in my eyes.... Arghhhh! X

  • I was exactly the same, EVERYTHING annoyed me! Why do people have to give their unborn babies stupid names? It's not cute, it's completely cringey, just call it the baby! As soon as baby was born though I went back to normal :). Just to warn you, once baby is born you have a whole new set of things that people ask that will really annoy you:

    1. Does she/he sleep through the night ? She's a newborn who needs feeding every 2/3 hours, of course she doesn't!

    2. Is she a good baby? I particularly hate this question, as if there are any bad babies out there, they're just babies :).

    3. When are you having another? Can't I just enjoy this one for now?!?!?!?!

    Rant over! Enjoy your pregnancy and rest assured that literally as soon as you give birth these annoying pregnancy side effects disappear. xxx

  • Yeah number 3 will get me as I do not have any fallopian tubes and cannot have IVF again.. so definitely no more for me!

    I already have had a few people saying "you'll chill out more for your second/third baby" and when I say "I am not having any more" they always say "you never know" then when I say "yes I do" they say "you'll see, your feelings will change" which makes me want to scream!!

  • So glad somebody else has brought up the whole 'good baby, bad baby' thing!! When my BUBBA (ha!!) arrived, everybody kept asking 'is she good?' And now my brain takes things very literally sometimes so I totally didn't get what they meant, so the first few times i actually just stared and blinked at them :|

    Katrina the extra rage you are experiencing will probably ease up as the pregnancy goes on...maybe! X

  • Yes! I still get annoyed about things and my baby is nine months old.

    I know what you mean about names and terms too. If background helps the term baby wearing, is, I believe, to draw attention to the fact that you have your hands free, unlike most carrying. Rather than making the baby an accessory!

  • My fuse is incredibly short at the minute.... Incredibly short. Especially with certain people I work with, one of them also being pregnant. Today...marine example. She had on of the lads working as her little lap dog as she couldn't possibly put her feet onto the kick stool whilst getting cigarettes from our store cupboard. I asked her why she felt the need for help for this and she just stated I can't stretch because of being pregnant. Now, call me insensitive or whatever you please... But I'm pregnant, I'm reaching on kick stools to reach things, I'm lifting things, I'm bending and stretching.... Jesus, if I didnt I would seize up!!!! But nooooo princess can't possibly lift a finger. And work are letting her get away with it. As I proceeded to leave the store cupboard she then said to the lad "if she thinks I'm reaching up there she's got another thing coming, she should try being pregnant". This then made me flip my lid (yes granted, she doesn't know I'm pregnant), I thought to myself how flaming insensitive do you want to be love?!?!? What would she have said if I couldn't have children?!?!?!? Ooooooo (numerous explicit verbal outburst are filling my head) so flaming what your pregnant! Get off your fat arse and do something for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Secondly.... I was told the other day that I wouldn't have my risk assessment done or any paper work completed until I've had my scan, yes granted the ey need proof, but my baby has been put as less of a priority than HERS because I'm less than 12 weeks, apparently there are more risks when you are further gone!!! Well funnily enough, I beg to differ! The fact that you are at more a risk of miscarrying when you are under 12 weeks screams to me that I am more of an issue.

    little miss princess!!!! Sod off and go on maternity!!!!!

    Sorry about that.... I really did rile me... Especially seeing as nobody knows at work and I couldn't explain as to why I was getting so upset about it.

  • Yikes! If she had seen what I got up to whist preggers she would hang her head in shame! I'm a childminder and the day I took my test I had to go & do the school run with a triple buggy full of toddlers lol and if it wasn't the triple buggy it was the double. Then the constant carrying children up & down stairs for naps- nobody else was there to be my lap dog, you just get on with it. I even had to go to my midwife appointments with a few extras in tow :)

    My little girl is 15months now & perfectly fine :)

    Later on in pregnancy you are at more risk of doing damage to yourself though as ligaments get softer etc, so it's less about worrying for baby, and more about looking after yourself xx

  • She deserves to hang her head in shame.... But nope, all she does is prance around... No scratch that, sits there on the stool behind the till, which you are supposed to have might I add, being part of the management team, I don't have that luxury of just sitting down all shift so why should she.

  • Blimey, not surprised you are miffed. Can you ask your GP for a note confirming your pregnancy whilst you wait for your scan?

  • That's a genius idea, why didn't I think of this.... Wise woman!

  • I love this!! I'm 36 weeks and getting really p****d off with people saying when are you due, and then stroking my bump! Its my body, get off! Grrrrr. Though I am very much enjoying being called 'moody' when I tell people at work things, when actually that is what I've always thought, I just don't feel scared to say it now. Hehe. Finish work on the 30th April though, so who am I going to be moody with then!?! 😃 x

  • I keep coming back to this thread, quite amusing lol I can honestly say the frustrations don't stop once baby is born. Just smile and nod when friendly advice is given (advice you haven't even asked for) lol. I was asked if I'd thought about schools.... Errrrr, she's just been born (well, that was 15months ago), and more recently round at my mother in laws they were taking about how a family friend hadn't "seen" milly yet. Had to bite my tongue whilst thinking- she's a person, she hasn't "met" milly yet, she's not an object to show off.

    Also actually, the card we received when she was born actually says "thank you for our grand daughter". Like I went through all that for her!!!! Not even a congratulations ;(

    That still angers me

  • I cried/was angry for an hour cause I couldn't find my glasses one morning.

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