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dating scan tomorrow!

Hi everyone! New to this so bear with me!

So.. we found out I was pregnant on mothers day we then went to the local doctors for a 'midwife referral form' we filled it in and dropped it back in the next day- which was fine. We didn't hear anything for over over 4 weeks! Everyday I waited for a letter- nothing. Bit the bullet and rang the surgery who said 'it was definitely handed over' anyway.. the midwife rang me the next day to arrange my notes to be written up and the day after i had a time and date for the booking in appointment. She too couldn't understand how it had taken so long!

Anyway, I have my 12 week scan tomorrow but I haven't yet received a letter! They said I would- i'm just worried whether I will need a full bladder or not!

(Sorry for waffling- first time mum!)

Thanks x

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Yep you'll need a full bladder I think at least a pint an hour before your scan! Congratulations!!!


Yey! Congratulations! Yep, try to have as full a bladder as possible, it makes it easier to see baba. X


Congratulations! Had my scan last Thursday, they tell u to have a full bladder but not to be uncomfortable! When I was pregnant the first time, I ran out of my scan to the toilets I was so desperate lol I think I had taken it too far! Good Luck x


I found out on mothers day also and have my scan tomorrow (Thursday!!)

So exciting!

Hope yours goes well.... Congratulations xxx


Hi ladies, the scan went well the baby is very healthy and at the mo is a well behaved baby!! Laid in the perfect position until the sonographer done what she needed to do- then the little bug turned over!! DD 2nd November!xxx


Yes u need to drink at least a pint 6 mins before ur scan (iv just had my letter - im around 10 weeks). I have my scan on 6th may - so nervous. Also a first time mum.

Good luck with everything hun x


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