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almost 7 weeks pregnant with brown discharge...

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Hi all!

We were over the moon to discover that im pregnant few weeks ago.

im almost 7 weeks pregnant and yesterday had few drops of brown discharge and when i wiped after wee couple of times.

There were nothing at night or this morning.

However this afternoon i have a bit more brown discharge and when i wiped too.

I didnt have an appointment with GP yet but midwife should call me on Thursday for initial consultation/appointment over the phone.

Should i give a call to them?

Or wait till Thursday?

I googled that brown discharge is very common between 6-10 weeks.

I don't really have crumps as such just a bit of discomfort but not pain or anything like that.

Thank you x

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I'd call your midwife/maternity hospital just to be in the safe side- they should offer you an early scan asap just to check everything's ok and to ease your mind.

This happened to me at 7w 6d and everything turned out fine- they thought it was possibly old blood/implantation bleeding or just when my period would have been due. I am now 17w 5d.

Good luck with your pregnancy and fingers crossed!

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Katrina13 in reply to Laurah118

Same with me, I bled at 6 and 7 weeks but my clinic did not offer an earlier scan as they thought it would just stress me more if we didn't see a heartbeat (as it was so early). I had a scan at 8 weeks and all was fine!

I had exactly the same at 6 weeks and it turned out to be nothing, it coincided with morning sickness and extreme tiredness starting! I am now sitting here with my 12 week old who is perfectly healthy so please don't worry :). It is best to phone your GP just to be on the safe side and to put your mind at rest, they will probably tell you to relax and not to exert yourself. Congratulations :) x

Thank you guys for reassurance!

I had tiny bit of discharge for 3 days on and off.

I feel totally fine and will be talking to Midwife tomor.

I thought that they might simply tell me to come next week(when im 8 weeks along)

So im just taking it easy and thinking maybe my body reacted like that c9s on Monday was my 1st back to work day.

Im a nanny so loads of walking and moving.

Anna x

P.S. i wouldn't mind an early scan tho as want to know if im having 1 or maybe 2 babies)))

No reason for being pregn with twins... just always wanted twins)

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