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Dating scan tomorrow

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So I'm 12 weeks now, and scan is tomorrow! A little anxious, but that's to be expected! Just worried that all the anti sickness tablets I've been on to deal with my HG might have done more harm than good, then I tell myself that the Dr wouldn't have prescribed anything that would harm my baby! Just all these things that go through your head can drive u crazy, so thought I should share!

For those who don't know, this is my second! Pretty much exactly 2 years after my first too (well, my dates will be confirmed or thrown out tomorrow) I never had severe morning sickness the first time round, it was bad, but manageable! I suppose I'm just looking for some reassurance. I feel very pregnant, and I look very pregnant (I cant believe how big I am already!) and even on the tablets, I still have sickness and nausea, just not as severe. So its all sounding positive in that sense. Hoping I can get some sleep tonight without my mind going crazy and keeping me up!

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Good luck at your scan today :) how exciting to get to see your little baby for the first time. Xx

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Thank you 😊 everything was perfect! Feeling a lot more relaxed now 😊

Brilliant :) official congratulations x I've got mine 2 weeks today petrified xx

Thank u sweetie, my due date go moved up 3 days to the 24/10, exactly the same due date as my first 😲 crazy! Good luck with ur scan! Keep us posted 😊 x

Congratulations! So glad to hear that it all went well. You must be feeling so relieved xxx

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Very much so 😊 was such a wriggle, was hard to get a decent scan pic! Awkward just like his big brother lol x

Congratulations! I was so anxious about my scan with my first god knows what I'll b like with this one! Now for the real fun of kicks and sickness stopping x

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I hope the sickness goes very soon coz its doing my head in now. Here's to enjoying my pregnancy 😊 good luck for ur scan x

So pleased to hear the scan went well, it's so reassuring.

Iam having the same panics with taking meds for sickness, I was really bad with my first and I am having a difficult time this time round too. Fortunately I keep telling myself everything was fine first time round despite being on a cocktail of meds and I was even asked by the dispensing pharmacist at one point "the drs do know you're pregnant don't they?" which filled me with dread!

I was really hoping this time would be different, but although I have more good days, sadly it seems to have started even earlier as I'm only 7 weeks and have been suffering since Easter.

Good luck with the rest of your journey.


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I hope u feel better soon! My other half picked up my prescription for me one day and he was asked if the Dr knew I was pregnant too! I tried coming off them over the weekend, but back on them as of yesterday; I was sent home a bit early from work yesterday and I had a really bad afternoon/evening! Today hasn't been much better but I was able to cook, so that's an improvement for me. I just hope it goes soon, I'm 13 weeks now and just wanna start enjoying my pregnancy before they tell me I have Gestational diabetes again. I wasn't this bad first time round. I hope ur sickness isn't completely debilitating. My heart goes out to u if it is! X

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