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Should I be worried?

Hi all,

I hope I don't sound completely neurotic but I am not sure if I should be really worried or if I'm just lucky...

I am 10 weeks pregnant but my pregnancy hasn't actually been confirmed by anyone.

At 8 weeks I saw the midwife who listened for a heartbeat but couldn't hear one(she said not to worry if this was the case as she was trying to see if I was further along)

I've not actually been sick but from 4 weeks have been feeling very sick extremely bloated and gets worse as the day goes on. Anyway the last week or so I have felt like it's starting to subside a bit, have been going longer through the day before feeling really sick and some days I haven't felt sick at all. My breasts were very tender and sore but now not so much. After speaking to my mum this morning she thinks I should be more worried as it doesn't sound like I 'feel pregnant' so much now.

My scan is not until the 28th just wondered if anyone else has experienced any of this or should I be worried and phone the gp?

Thank you x

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It's all compleely normal Hun. I was the same, I had no sickness at all but did have bloating and sore boobs. All feelings of being pregnant just disappeared probably around the same point as you. when I went for my first scan I half convinced myself there would be nothing there lol but there she was, wriggling away :)

Enjoy feeling well as you never know what's round the corner. My lack of symptoms at 8-9weeks soon turned into extreme tiredness and I was in bed by 8 most nights- as well as feeling like I needed a nap in the day lol xx


I was exactly the same all my symptoms went and I got proper freaked out. I was lucky and had a scan at 8 weeks as had ivf but was still worried between 8-12 weeks x


I was the same with my 2nd baby. I found it odd on my first that when I went to the doctor they didn't even do a test. She asked what test I took and said because it was clear blue they trusted that. Only when i had my first scan at 8 weeks (due to some complications) did we see that there was a baby. As others have said try not to worry about the symptoms as on baby number 2 I only did a test as I felt so sick all the time. That lasted until 17 weeks for me on and off.

I hope it all goes well during your scan on the 28th x


The gp won't be able to do anything so I'd try to stay positive and just wait for the scan. I had a missed miscarriage my first pregnancy but my symptoms dramatically decreased around week 10. However as the lancets starts to take over at this time it's impossible to know if it's just that because lots of women do feel a bit better then x


Thank you everyone, we are now one day away from week 11 so just trying to get through each day and wait for the scan. Hubby has managed to get time off for the scan so we will deal with whatever it says together.

Thanks again x


I feel exactly the same. I am in my tenth week with my 3rd pregnancy. (My youngest is nearly 7 so it feels like a lifetime ago that I was pregnant) but I remember feeling sick all the time really tired in the beginning but it was manageable. But this time I am ridiculously tired all day long cannot stay up later the 9pm feel really uncomfortable with weird pains in my tummy all the time but I haven't had any sickness at all. I'm really bloated - To the point I have been asked if I'm pregnant already!! I am so much more anxious then ever - I have my scan next Thursday so really hoping it will put all my doubt and fears at ease xxx


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