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Second pregnancy after first delivery by c-section - confused by options?

Hi all,

I am after a bit of advice/guidance from anyone who's recently or currently been in this position.

I had my first child two years ago by planned c-section (due to placenta previa) and I have just found out I am expecting my second! Very early days and I've not had booking appt yet, but I have been am doing some research on delivery options and the current NICE guidelines and I am really keen to have another c-section, in part due to the risks I know about vbac and also the fact that these are increased due to my age (37 when bump is due) as is the apparent need for an emergency section......

But that said EVERYTHING I read seems to be saying that the preferred advice from the nhs is to go for a vbac unless there is a physiological reason why the mother can't deliver naturally. I am wondering if I am going to have a battle on my hands or if it is still ultimately my choice?

What are others experiences?

Thanks in advance!


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Hiya, I had a c-section with my 1st as she was breach then went on to have a natural delivery with my 2nd. I was really anxious throughout the whole pregnancy about vbac. I was under consultant care and they reassured me the whole way through that I would be closely monitored and if any problems or labour was too long they would take me down for a c-section. Bur all went really well and labour lasted 5 hours.

I believe it is your choice but they do recommend vbac if there aren't any real reasons not to.

Hope that helps a little

J xx


Thank you for that. Great to hear you had a positive experience, that does reassure me a bit.

I think I am more worried because everything I read says I'm more at risk of complications because of my age, and because I had placenta previa before it's more likely to recur (and it was only picked up very late in my last pregnancy by pure chance).

It just seems that everything I read points towards a c section being my best option. But I know a friend who was really pressured not to have another section, and 'have a go' to the point they wouldn't book her in until past her due date.

To be honest I really don't want to end up in a situation potentially needing an emergency section, because I know they're generally, by their sheer nature, not always handled as well.



Here's our information on VBAC:


I'm glad u asked this as I had an emergency c section 18 months ago, I was induced at 39 weeks due to gestational diabetes but well basically it didn't work and baby arrived via the sunroof 😊 I've already been told that they will want to induce me again, most likely at 39 weeks again, as that's standard with GD, but I really don't want to go through all that again. If I 'go on my own' then that's different, but I hope they don't try force me to be induced! I hope I'm still able to make my own choice. Good luck and congratulations 😊


Oh bless you, I will keep you posted what they say to me, I have got my booking appointment on the 6th May so planning on broaching it right from the word go.

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My friend was induced 12 days over with her first but ended up.with an emergency section, she's due her second in a couple of months and she has chosen to have an elective section, is an option just make the midwife aware that this is what you want! It's your body and your baby at the end of the day! Good.luck

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Thank you xanon, that is really good to know. I definitely intend to make my wishes known, so fingers crossed I get a receptive midwife like your friend.

Thanks again xxx


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