I know they say 2nd time round u show earlier, but my goodness!

So I'm 10 weeks now, and looking huge! Had problems with severe morning sickness this time round, and I was quite big the first time round, but nothing like this! My other half thinks its twins, I'm thinking maybe I'm further along than we thought, as I thought I was pregnant the month before I done a test, but as I started bleeding, just assumed it was my period! I know we'll know the answer soon enough, but its all so fascinating! Any one else have similar experiences? What was the outcome? 1 or 2? I haven't got a scan date yet, and wish that appointment would just hurry up so I know what's going on! Then again, I could be exactly 10 weeks and just experiencing major bloating 😂 just a lot of guessing going on here! Come on scan date, hurry up!!!


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  • I'm only about 4/5 weeks along with number two and so far completely different. Even by this stage with my little boy I was nauseous from morning til night so much so that i lived on marshmallows and lost weight. This time I have fleeting nausea and I already cant fit into jeans that I bought 3 weeks ago! I'm figuring as my little boy is only 10 months old maybe my body still remembers hormone fluctuations so they don't affect me as much?! Congratulations on your pregnancy x

  • Thank you 😊 I've lost weight this time round too, quite strange losing a stone in a week, but I've almost made it back now, so I must be doing something right! My belly looks huge but the rest of me looks skinnier, that in itself is very different from my first pregnancy. My boy is now nearly 18 months so it hasn't been incredibly long between these two either! Congratulations on your pregnancy too x

  • Hi jubbly, how is your morning sickness now? I hope it is tailing off. I'm in a similar position to you although I'm only 8 weeks along. Had horrendous nausea with my first from week 6 to week 14. My nausea started at week 6 this time round too but has been far worse that I've had to take time off work and get anti-sickness tablets. I feel so down about it as I've been so ill the last 2 weeks. I looked at pictures of me 6 months pregnant with my first and I'm that size now at only 8 weeks :( although to put things into perspective, I'm a bit of a gym bunny and it took ages for my abs to stretch first time round. I'm having to tell people earlier than I'd like because I look so big and am already in obvious maternity clothes. I wonder if I'm carrying twins too because of the double dose of sickness but it may also just be that the muscles 'remember' what to do and because every pregnancy is different, it's impossible to compare like for like. Hope your scan date comes through soon and let us know how it goes! It's nice to know that we're not alone x

  • I received ny scan date through the post this morning 😊 its in two weeks, eek! I've had a bad morning with sickness and been on the phone to the Dr (they must be getting sick of me now) I've been issued another sick note if I need it, and more tablets! But this time I've been given the tablets that u put between ur gum and lip as a swallow-able tablet this time, along with the second set of tablets I've been taking alongside the others. Its been a bit of a struggle, its hard, my sickness is still bad, but at least I've been able to smile again recently. Its starting to tail off I think, or the tablets are working a bit. I'm not as bad as I was 2 weeks ago. I've had 4 days out of the last 4 weeks that I haven't been sick. You are not alone. I come across pregnancy sickness support, search for it, I haven't been on there myself since I registered but its always worth a look! And remember, its all gonna be so worth it! X

  • Great news about your scan date! You've got something to look forward to :) you're going through the mill right now so it's nice to have something to keep you going. And you've been able to smile :) thanks for the pregnancy sickness support website. I'll check it out. Hope you feel better soon x

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