Found out a few days ago I was pregnant, but not seeing anybody until I'm 11 weeks. Eeeek

Hi everybody,

This is my first pregnancy, and i am officially over the moon as you can imagine. I just want to get the ball rolling with going mental over baby clothes and buying lots of cute things.... But I don't want to do any of that until I've had the ok from somebody. I called my doctors and the closest appointment they have is 3 weeks from today. When I called them back and explained that i think I am pregnant and just wondered whether I definitely needed to see a doctor or just go straight to a midwife, I was asked whether I was sure or I think I'm pregnant. I explained that I had taken numerous home test (like one clear blue one isn't good enough), and I supposed I was pretty sure. I was told that I could go straight to a midwife and that she would call me with an appointment.

When the midwife called she couldn't fit me in until I had reached 11 weeks... I'm now 5 weeks and just wondered whether I should still go to that doctors appointment. I'm not worried about anything. But jeez, I have a hell of a load of questions and I just think I feel a bit stranded. My husband keeps asking me questions and I'm like... Ermmmm... I don't know. Which in turn makes me feel a wee useless, as if I should know being a woman.

I don't really want to be asking people close to me until I've been to the midwife and had the thumbs up and everything is said to be going ok. I just don't want to disappoint anybody, if anything goes wrong, if you know what I mean.

So, yeh, what I suppose I'm trying to say is... What the hell should I be doing????

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  • Hi there, congratulations -you're pregnant! In the main, mostly midwives won't book you in until around about 10 weeks anyway, unless you reported some kind of problem, when they might make a referral elsewhere I think. But there's no reason to think you have anything to worry about! You are pregnant and that's that! Have you signed up to Emma's diary online? That will tell you week by week what is happening to your baby in the lead up to your midwife appointment. You can also ask questions on here if they are swirling round your mind. Personally I wouldn't say there was much point in seeing the doctor, he won't tell you much. There's no need to hve any tests done if you've done them at home. xx

  • Hey, huge congratulations to you! This time round I didn't see Midwife until 14 weeks! Although I do have 2 children but had 2 previous m/cs so was a bit concerned. It felt like longest 12 weeks of my life getting to that scan! I will say though I think you should still see your Doc, I saw mine early on and I did get a flu jab and they do give you a general check over so that might make you feel a bit better?

    Take care xx

  • Everyone body is different maybe you dont have enough hcg in your blood yet to say that you are pregnant, i took a test 2 weeks ago at the same time i was suppose to start my period and i was pregnant, but i also felt sick thats why i took one, because i never get sick

  • Jj2015 I think you have replied to the wrong post!

  • Lol yea i see i did, im new to this sorry

  • I suppose it depends on your health really if you go and see the Dr or not.

    I'm currently 38+4 weeks and I booked in to see my gp straight away as I have an under - active thyroid and I knew I would need monitoring (they upped my dose of thyroxin).

    Other than upping my meds the gp didn't really do anything other than referring me to midwife. They gave me a sheet about the do's and don'ts in regards of foods and also making sure that you take vitamin supplements such as folic acid but this info is also available on the nhs choices pages.

    If you do still want to see a dr If you can't get an physical appointment then you could try getting a phone appointment.

    The main thing is not to panic. Pregnancy is supposed to be a positive experience.

  • i never had any appointments with a doctor, i had bloods taken and 5½ weeks to confirm as i has been at hospital with severe back ache and had some spotting so they told me to go to gp and get bloods taken to confirm pregnancy, i seen the midwife at 9 weeks had booking appointment at 11+3 and first scan at 13+1, seen midwife again at 16 weeks and got to wait another 3 weeks for next scan

    think it all depends how many midwifes they have working as my doctors surgery only has 1 and only appointments are from 2 - 4 on a thursday

    i thought i was imagining everything until i seen the ultrasound :)

    try not to worry (easier said than done i know) jot down all the questions you want to ask and take them to your first appointment

  • Hello :) and congratulations. My friend was in a similar boat before Christmas, the midwives in our area is really busy and she was waiting ages for her first appointment. Like the other ladies have said, as long as you feel ok etc you will probs be able to wait until your 11 weeks. At that appointment the midwife will take blood, urine sample, as medical history & give you your notes with info on when all your other appointments should be :)

    In the mean time, don't hesitate to ask anything on here, no matter how silly you think it might sound. As for feeling like you should know because your a woman, trust me, actually being pregnant is a real eye opener lol I thought I knew quite a lot from having lots of friends go through it before I did- soon found out otherwise! It really is amazing how individual a pregnancy can be xxx

  • Aww, thanks so much guys! I think I'm finally getting my head around the idea of everything... Albeit very slowly. it's been a whirlwind few days. I've had every symptom under the sun (with the husband thinking I'm playing on it).

    Once again thanks xxxxx

  • i remember when we found out. we went to doctors and she congratulated me and that was it! we had to wait a number of weeks for an appointment with midwife and even then there was no test done. i was amazed by this! as a result of this i kind of just felt like it was all a dream until the scan..... honestly the most amazing experience of our lifes seeing the little person we had created. i promise it will all be worth it as long as your not in pain etc just hold tight x

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