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How early do I need to come to UK

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Hi everyone, I am living abroad but I am planning to fly to UK to deliver my first baby. How early do I need to come. I heard I cannot be admitted if I show up at 30+. is this true?

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I don't believe this is true. They would look after you even if you showed up in labour, lol. They're not going to leave you without medical care! Second trimester is a good time to fly. Personally wouldn't leave it too much later than 30 weeks though - people do deliver early sometimes and you would probably want to be settled here before delivering. I moved towns later in pregnancy and found this tough enough! Affected how able I was to cope after she was horn - everything in the house still upside down, didn't feel at home in the new place, etc xx

Why do u want to come here to have a baby.. where r u from originally?

Are you planning on an NHS birth or private? How you're planning on giving birth will be a big decider. Do you have insurance? You will be looked after on the nhs but if you're not entitled to free care you will have to pay. Are you British? Some more details would be great to give you a better answer.

I've read that if you have lived in the UK but have left more than 6 months you're no longer entitled to free NHS care and if you live in another country but come to the UK to have your child, you'll also have to pay.

Also whilst I was being induced there were women who had only been in the UK for less than month and delivering there full term babies.

Thanks Ladies.

@ Anniemayo My husband is British. I am planning to go for private and my insurance will cover. I am also planning to go for a C section.

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charleybeaar in reply to Mayma

I would contact the places you'd like to have your birth and see what they say about timings etc

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Why dont u stay where u r living and have ur child there..

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Mayma in reply to munchy2013

I have my reasons

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If you are going private then you will be booking your birth with your hospital. And that completely contradicts your question where you say you are worried you will be turned away?? So what is the truth here??

So to me it sounds like you may be a health tourist, claiming expensive treatment for child birth on the NHS when you have not paid British taxes.

People are dying and not getting cancer treatment, IVF treatment etc etc due to the rise of 'health tourists' and hospitals ARE now clamping down on this and chasing families up for payment.

Also you say you are using your insurance, but most health insurance does not cover private birth - that is an added cost - which costs about £15k..

If you want to book in to a private hospital then you will need to chose and book your hospital in advance, who would then advise you.

Your comments are full of contradictions and it doesn't sound like you have your story straight at all.

I hate health care tourism, it is utterly immoral and damages the lives of people in the UK.

If that's how you want to start a family, by lying and being dishonest, then you have to live with that. I personally couldn't. And I personally do not fall for a story full of contradictions.

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Mayma in reply to

Did i ever mention NHS here? please read carefully and understand. I clearly said I am going private and also said my insurance will cover it all and I know what I am saying so don't just bla bla..

I don't need to share my personal info with strangers here. I know what I am doing and why I am coming to the UK. I am at an early stage of my pregnancy so wanted an advice on when to plan my trip and thanks to those who gave useful thoughts.

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Checkout NHS Choices for all you need to know. You may find good advice here including info on hospitals etc.

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you are unfriendly caw. just read the questions!

why people like u always asume and then believe them self...

i guess u never been out of ur country ..

and who are u to question her given information. ..

people like you make hate the uk...

u don't even know your country history. ..

get alive... this great social SOCIAL web where people come and get information not to be put in the hot seat and attacked.

as they say empty drums make louder noise. ..

hope u get good replies and hope u agnore this person comments.

lol believe me you have to take it all back .. it is so funny how you decided what my intentions are, judged me and giving me moral lectures.

Listen honey I don't have time to waste arguing with you so I will not respond to you after this.

Once again. I am at an early stage. I will get in touch with private hospitals to get more information later on but thought maybe someone knows something here which is what this forum is for.

I Mentioned earlier that my husband is British and of course a tax payer. I am still going to private because my insurance covers for me.

I am not staying with him at the moment because I work somewhere else temporarily but I will move to the UK after giving birth. I used the term "show up" because my maternity leave starts when I am 30 weeks pregnant so I will not be seeing anyone there until then, hence the word "show up" which explains my case "seeing a doctor for the first time when I am 30+"

Please don't assume and judge people based on what you think or bad experience you have.

in reply to Mayma

It still does not make any sense based on your original question or your explanation, at all. So yes, I do judge you. And you don't sound like the kind of person to care what others think anyway so I am wasting my time here.

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anniemayo in reply to

Why on earth are you so nasty to her? You really need to calm down and stop seeing negative. She's only asked a question. It's really awful to come on here and read this.

Are u wanting to move here or just come have your baby and go back to your country... sorry if anyone has been hostile about this but for us British we have a big problem with immigration so u can understand this makes us a bit on edge... First thing that comes to mind is your intentions... Why would you want to travel to another country have your baby then go all the way back on a flight with a new born after a c section which btw most women can't do anything for 2weeis after. . After you planning to just have your baby in our country so it is classed as British so u can have rights in our country?

Wow, lucky we don't still have capital punishment or Mayma would have been hung, drawn and quartered by now. There is no need for the nasty comments on this thread; Mayma may well be within her rights to choose to have her baby in the UK and certainly doesn't have to justify herself to anyone. For a simple question, she has been attacked.

Yes, I fully understand how people in the UK are upset by 'health tourists' and mass immigration but there is no need for the abuse Mayma has had.

Mayma, I hope you get the information you need and good luck with your pregnancy.

Lots of dailymail readers here clearly...

Sorry that people are being nasty Mayma. If you know where you're going to be living and you have insurance, the insurance company will give you a list of recommended providers in your area. You can pick from them. I've been in the same situation. At the time I'd been living out of the UK but as we had insurance I was able to pick a fantastic consultant from the choice my insurance company gave me. You can approach the NHS but you may find it gets complicated.

Why on earth people are assuming the worst about Mayma and her husband is beyond me. People in the UK are actually very nice.

You will be fine.

I am really surprised that this friendly forum would become a battleground but I do understand the fustration becuase of the constant abuse of the NHS by people who has never contribute a penny towards taxes. As human by nature we are opinionated and will always be ready to impart our unwarranted views but in the end it doesn't adversely affect your life does it ? Health tourist can only be allowed becuase the laws of the country PERMITTED it to happen, hence it makes no sense attacking other's becuase it is the law of the land, sadly we may not liked it but it is.

I am living in the UK for 19 years and I was never out of a job up to this day, yet I have my private medical insurance becuase I will not join a queue to see an NHS G.P. because it's waste of my time. Now I am pregnant and I will be having my baby right here, becuase I am an immigrant doesn't mean I am going to up and move in order to give birth. If the NHS was refusing to treat health tourist, then they would never been thinking of coming here for free treatment. I happen to visit A&E and there was a lady from the newly join E.U country showed up at 32 weeks pregnant with absolutely no G.P here, she couldn't understand a word in English but she was accepted, courtesty of taxpayers labour. There's a lot of things that is just morally wrong with the NHS.

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