32weeks pregnant and spotting?

Hi all I'm currently 32weeks and 2 days pregnant with my 3rd baby. (Sorry TMI alert! ) I noticed the other night before bed that my tissue when I went to the loo had some watery pink blood on it but it was only the size of pin prick so didn't feel too concerned as it was hardly anything and i felt like my eyes had played a trick on me. The next morning I had intercourse with my partner and again noticed the pink on my tissue when I went to the loo so I phoned my day unit and went and got checked. They monitored baby as he had hardly been moving the day before and hadn't been active as much as normal when I got there but they also done an internal examination and took a swab but they didnt see any signs of bleeding and said all was ok and I could come home and to call again if I had anymore concerns I wasn't given an answer as to what the watery pink spotting may be. I've just been again and noticed the watery pink blood again so I'm a little confused as to wether or not I should be concerned again or just leave it be and just keep a check on it to see if it gets any worse or not. Has anyone else experienced anything like this

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Its most likely your body preparing for delivery,dont worry to much stress is bad for the baby,its most likey just your stretching, every pregnancy ia different just focus in giving birth to a beautiful baby

I echo what confusedwoman23 has said. Also intercourse and internal examinations can cause some bleeding. It may also be possible that the bleeding has come from else where. Try not to worry but if you have any concerns chat to your midwife and follow your instincts, after all know one knows your body better than you.

Always go and get checked out if you have any worries. You'd never get over it if you didn't and something was wrong - it is ALWAYS worth making sure x

I think this is probably because of things preparing for labour. However I would still phone again. get a professional opinion. Definitely a legitimate reason to phone. X

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