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Weight in pregnancy

Hi all,

I have a question about weight when you discover you are pregnant. I am about 2 stone over weight and now I have discovered I am pregnant and have read some things about being over weight in pregnancy. I eat healthily but haven't been as active as I should. I am only 5-6 weeks by drs calculation. I was wanting some advice on loosing a little weight healthily but eating better foods and starting up gentle but long walking. I'm worried about the complications of pregnancy and midwives discussing this in front of my partner at my appointments.

Anybody been through the same or lost a little weight healthy in early pregnancy?


Stacy xx

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There's more embarrassing things u will be talking about in midwife appointments than ur weight! Honestly, dont be embarrassed, that's what our midwives are there for! I've heard of people losing weight in pregnancy, I personally had problems with gestational diabetes the first time round, and my weight was monitored. Because ur not that active atm, my suggestion is just to do very gentle exercise; swimming, yoga, walking! And consider what ur eating and portion size! Eating for two is a myth! Any concerns, please bring them up with ur midwife. At the end of the day, its about u and ur baby's health. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm 9 weeks atm with number 2 and the sickness is HORRENDOUS! and again, please dont be embarrassed, before u know it you'll be taking about mucus plugs and pooing in labour 😊 and u wont even flinch x

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Hi, I'm currentky 22 weeks pregnant. When I discovered I was pregnant I would have been about 3 stone overweight. Weight loss is not recommended in pregnancy as you should be eating your calorie allowance. They say there may be a higher risk of diabetes which will be checked at around 26 weeks and they may have problems measuring and scanning, however I have had no problems being scanned. Try not to worry, just eat as well as you can, and keep healthy for baby. There are more important things to worry about now than a few extra inches :-)


I had big plans to lose weight before I got pregnant but things happened more quickly than planned and I was about 2 stone overweight at the beginning. I didn't purposely set out to lose weight but just found that I wanted to eat more healthily and exercise to help protect the little life I had inside of me and ended up only putting 6 lbs on during the whole pregnancy because I actually lost some of my weight (my daughter weighed 9lbs)! I'm sure your midwife has experience of this and would be able to give you advice at your booking in appointment - I know that when people are diabetic they have to keep from putting their weight on during pregnancy so I'm sure your midwife has some tips from them that she can pass on. As long as you don't starve yourself or exercise too hard though I'm sure you and the baby will be healthy. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you x

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Hi Stacy,


I would not worry too much at this stage as the midwives will take good care of you and would look into your medical history. My partner was there for most of the appointments and my weight and age was not made an issue. I was told that overweight women have healthy babies all the time. In my experience I was 4-5 stone overweight, 39 and a smoker and a drinker. I had an easy pregnancy and a healthy beautiful baby boy.

My motivation at the start of my pregnancy was "I am doing this for the baby" repeated to myself every day. I stopped smoking (so hard but one day at a time) and drinking and started to walk into town and back 3-4 times a week with a little incentive to have lunch in town sometimes and window shop. I ate more healthy ie fruit and vegetables and drank more water. I lost about a stone during pregnancy without trying. I gained it back at the end due to not being so active.

One step at a time and a little each day can become a lot over a length of time. Chose what is realistic and manageable to you to keep you and your baby healthy and you won't go far wrong.

Hope this helps

Good luck for the future.



Thank you all for your replies. I am going to start eating more healthily and start being more active but making sure I am being safe for the baby. I will take all of your replies on board and try not to worry about it!

Thank you all

Stacy x

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Hi, I was in the same situation and my bmi was high at my first appointment but my morning sickness was that bad I lost over a stone by the time I was 20 weeks. After that I could only keep down melon, apples and bread, so my weight stabilised. I'm an now 32 weeks and have only put on 4lbs on top of my original weight which I am told is perfect. 😊 I only do a little bit of walking and very occasional swimming and me and baby are fine. No high blood pressure, diabetes or anything. Hope it all works out for you. X


Hi, I'm in the same situation at the moment and feel like I am endlessly worrying about it! I had only managed to lose a stone before we conceived (the plan was 3) which of course we were ecstatic at conceiving so quickly but after all the information I have been given at my booking appointment I have been really worried. I have been walking every day and hope to build that up to longer periods and continue that for as long as I can and luckily at the moment I am craving salads and trying to eat as healthily as I can.

So far I have put almost half a stone back on but I'm hoping that some of that is the bloating rather than actual weight.

Good luck with everything, if you have any worries at all speak to your midwife. The midwife I met at my booking appointment (not my actual midwife unfortunately, I have yet to meet her) was lovely and reassuring and just said they would keep an eye on things and to try and keep moving as much as possible and to eat healthily.


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