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Clear blue test says pregnant!


Hi ladies. So I have just done a clear blue pregnancy test. It has come back pregnant 2-3 weeks. I am doing another test tonight as I am nervous that it might be wrong. Is that a possibility? It says the clear blue tests are 99% accurate from the day of your missed period which is today for me. Any experiences or advice would be appreciated.


Stacy x

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Hi Stacy, I used a clear blue test myself on my first day of missing my period and it was positive, then managed (somehow) to wait until the next morning to do a second test. My doctor told me that positive results are very rarely wrong, but I would still do the second test myself as a double check. I was only 1-2 weeks pregnant when I did my test, so was really nervous, but I am now 32 weeks and me and baba squidge are both healthy. 😊 Good luck, the ladies on here are lovely, have helped me a few times (I know nothing with it being my first baby). Love Charlotte. X

stay-9022 in reply to LottyB

Thank you for your reply Charlotte!

This is my first time experiencing doing pregnancy tests. I have done a couple last year but all negative. Never used clear blue before and obviously never had a positive result before! I am picking up some tests tonight and I will do another one tomorrow. Do I then book in with a doctor if I have another positive test?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! I bet you can't wait!

Stacy x

Laura1919 in reply to stay-9022

Hi Stacy,

I am in the exact same position as you! Just did my second test and it's positive again :) after having a miscarriage last year I am really anxious and wondering if I should see my midwife earlier than the 6-8 weeks like the receptionist suggests. Any advice ladies?



Laurakat87 in reply to Laura1919

Hello I'm exactly in the same boat as u, still I don't believe after all this trying I'm pregnant feel the need to do another test, I did one last thurs and came up straight away and then did one in the afternoon and came up 2/3 weeks. I wanted to have a early scan but they don't do one for me unless u av had 3 miscarriages which I think is wrong.


The doctors believed me when I told them I used a clear blue test, just advised me to start taking pregnant vitamins that have vitamin d in (I use the seven seas one - its nearly always on special offer in my local super market) and folic acid obviously. After that advice all over the phone, I rang the local midwife unit to see what I need to do, and she said at eight weeks I'd have a 'check in' appointment and they would tell me everything then. Before that I just had to keep my fingers crossed everything was healthy and nothing went wrong until I saw the midwife. Laura, if you have a history of m/c the midwife may want to see you anyway as a check, ring up your local unit and ask. 😊 my only winge about the uk system is that with me being overweight I was put on extra folic acid and aspirin and told all sorts of things about the risks I've put my baby girl through by being overweight, but on getting my contraceptive implant removed, I was not told any of that, otherwise I would obviously have done everything I could to lose weight. I'm excited to meet my little girl! She's a proper wriggler! 😍 its a very weird feeling. I wanted a baby for a long time and just assumed it would all be fine, but I had horrendous sickness, aches, getting every illness that came with 10 miles of me, and now my tummy keeps moving when I watch it! I conveniently ignored all that might happen. Hehe. X

Clearblue are the number1 recommended tests, as accurate as a doctors test, I'd say it's right!

My doctors told me clear blue are more accurate than the ones they do!

I did the same as you and I'm 9weeks now waiting for my scan :)

I've just found out I am pregnant with my 3rd, my 2nd is only 7 mins old!!! When I tested on Sunday I used a cheap Asda £1 one, my result came back negative. Peed on a clear blue test on Tuesday and it came back 2-3 weeks pregnant!!! I've always used them and they have been spot on every time!

I hope this helps and I hope you get the result you want.

I don't think it's possible to get a false positive result. It detects the levels of hcg which is created by the placenta after implantation, so if you weren't pregnant it just wouldn't be there. Congratulations!!

Thank you all ladies for your replies! 2 clear blue tests down and both saying 2-3 weeks pregnant from conception.

Stacy xx

You can get a false negative but highly unlikely to be false positive! Congratulations! 😊 xxx

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