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6 different pregnancy test say positive dr test says neg now im bleeding anyone help

hi im roughly 6+3 i started bleeding yesterday so went to the doctors he did a pregnancy test which came back neg so he cant send me to early pregnancy unit and im not in pain so cant send me to gyno either i had a early miscarriage in oct im so worried ive got a scan booked privately for tuesday theres nothing on my pad its mainly when i go to the toilet and when i wipe but it seems to be less i think well not as heavy has anyone had this

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If deep down you know your pregnant even tho Dr test says your not I'd go to a&e theymay be able to arrange a scan for you .

Hope all works out xx


thank you our a&e dont scan over the weekend they will just say return in the week if its still happening im going to go on monday hopefully they will be able to scan me at the same time xx


Can you do a test tomorrow and then take it to the dr on Monday and ask him to refer you to the epu then?


hi claire16c thanks for your reply but i mc over the week end im thinkin of changing docs as i dont feel like he was at all bothered ive never had to do a dr test before they have just taken my word thanks again


hi mummyof6,

i'm sorry you've had such a bad time. there are new national guidelines which say docs can't refer to the epu without a positive test, so any doctor will now ask for a fresh test before referring you.

good luck next time.


thank you haye x


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