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9 Week's Pregnant . Sicker Then I've EVER Felt & Have Had A Low Grade Fever . Please Help!!

Hi Everyone!

I am just looking for Any type of help here as I have 2 Beautiful Healthy Sons, and during BOTH of my pregnancies I NEVER EVER felt as Sick as I have been feeling this ENTIRE PREGNANCY!!! It's so bad that I feel guilty saying it, but I feel extremely overwhelmed by the sickness and this low grade fever, last time I took it today was 99.6 F , that I feel like I cannot keep going on.... .... 8 - ( **

I cannot get anything done besides taking care of my almost 17 Month Old son, and once his Father gets home from work, I basically go n lay down!!

Also since my OH and I had such an EASY Pregnancy with our last son, his expectations I feel were that I would be the SAME for this Pregnancy, and I still feel like he hasn't fully accepted just how horrible and sick I have been feeling, literally ALL DAY LONG! !

I am sooo scared that thsee feelings will not end , but lately my biggest concern is this low grade fever that had only gone UP one full Degree, if anything!!

Does anyone have any suggestions, please? ?

I'm feeling like a shell of a person and very hopeless right now..

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How do I get a response ?? How come everyone else gets 'responses' yet I haven't at all ??

Is there a Secret I am missing. . ??


Hi, You will laugh , but I have exactly the same symptoms. I cant eat anything, even my favourite foods make me sick. I actually feel worse after eating. Sometimes I am sick as soon as I get out of bed and nothing is coming up because my stomach is empty so I am just gaging at the toilet. I also had fever, but not everyday. I think, I probably had some bug because I also had some diarrhoea. But the fever came back again without the diarrhoea so I don't know what is going on. I have 2 girls so every body says that it might be a boy this time and this is why I am so sick. :( I cant really help you, but just make you feel a bit better that there is 1 more woman out there who feels exactly the same. I have been watching cartoons after cartoons with my daughters and feeling like a terrible mother but I just have no energy for anything else.


I'm suffering with sickness badly! Have u seen ur Dr? I was given anti sickness tablets after my second appointment due to this. I'm just 8 weeks and saw my midwife today! I wasn't this ill last time either, its completely floored me! I've been signed off work for two weeks and its looking like I might need a third! If its really affecting ur life, def go see ur Dr! I'm still being sick but at least I'm able to attempt eating now! And about replys, this community used to be so much more active last time I was pregnant. But usually now, u might get a response once the daily email has been sent telling people what's been posted. Another thing u might find useful is pregnancy sickness support, search for that! Hang in there, ur doing great! X

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Go to your GP. Maybe a bladder infection if low grade fever. That's one of the symptoms I had! And maybe it's a girl if you feel different!


I had really bad sickness throughout my 3 pregnancies. It was hell. I felt like I was dying and remembering seriously questioning if I could carry on with my 1st. I lost weight with my first. Maintained weight with my second and put in a little weight with my third. I managed to get by on Complan, have you tried that? I would nibble biscuits and make up Complan shakes to take out with me whenever I left the house, like making up baby milk bottles! I was signed off sick for entire pregnancy with first and was stay at home mum with 2nd and 3rd. Also had pelvic pain problems with all 3 so could hardly walk, used crutches / wheelchair from about half way through each pregnancy. I was admitted to hospital once or twice, but refused to even contemplate sickness medication as I refused to take anything that could have a possible risk. You could visit your GP and ask to be admitted to hospital. Your husband will probably take the situation more seriously when he has the dilemma of balancing working full time with childcare of your little one and visiting you in hospital....

Hang in there it does get better, just lay on the settee and let the world pass by for a few months! Forget about the housework totally it really doesn't matter. It will all be worth it in the end xx


Did this ever go away?


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