period issues and ttc

Hi everyone would love some help or advice please. My periods were always 28 days since starting at 17 years old until July last year when I had 3 periods lasting 6 days within 5 weeks. Since July I have had a period September, October, November and December varying 25-32 days. December was my last period. So after an internal and blood tests they have ruled out pregnancy and menopause (all bloods normal) . On the birth of my third baby 2 years ago by c section the doctor had said my womb had no problems and another baby was possible. I have to wait until July to see a specialist but within the last 2 months we have started trying for another baby I am 36 years old and I know I am very lucky to have three beautiful children but we would love another and time is ticking! I wonder if anyone else has had similar experience? and worry how will I know if I am pregnant since I haven't had any periods recently I know people get pregnancy feelings but with my other children I only had spotting. if you can help I would be so grateful xx


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