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Stopping breastfeeding

Hi everyone,

I would like to stop breastfeeding my 14 month old boy over the next month or so. I have cut right down to an early morning feed and a bedtime one. I think that the morning feed will be relatively easy to drop but I am worried about how to go about dropping the bedtime one. My LO loves it and it settles him down for the night. Also, 70 per cent of the time he actually falls alsleep while feeding so it will be a big change for him. Has anyone else been through this? I would love to hear how you did it and how long it took for your LOs to accept it.

Thanks :)

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You could try him with a cup of warm cows milk before bed while having a cuddle from you? you don't want to totally change his routine so this would maybe work?


I breast feed my daughter and she decided when she had enough lol. I swapped the evening breast feed for a snuggle on the bed with a book, a warm bottle of milk and let her settle to sleep. I could then put her in the cot with her teddy and she settled right down. She's now 20 months and I now have a comfy chair in her room for snuggling. Usually she's so tired that she skips the book and heads straight for the milk and her cot. Find out what works is my advice. xxxxxx


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