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Well, it got to 8am this morning, and I decided to ring my Drs, again, due to my severe morning sickness! I wasn't given anything last Friday when I was last seen as I was still relatively hydrated and still trying to eat! But I lost half a stone over the weekend, and I felt like it got a lot worse! I tried providing a urine sample, but because I had peed not long before, all I could manage was a dribble ☹ so that never got tested!

I've been given Prochlorperazine buccal tablets! U have to leave them to dissolve between your gum and upper lip! They take up to 2 hours to dissolve. I had my first one at lunch time and was sick within half an hour (still managing to keep the pill between my lip and gum) so was thinking maybe I should take two next time? My Dr said if one isn't strong enough then take two at a time. Uh we'll see! My work is being slightly annoying! I was signed off for a,week last Friday and when I handed in my sick note, my store manager and area manager told me I must ring up every morning to let them know how I am!? I'm signed off, no arguments as far as I'm concerned! Plus, I was only missing out 2 shifts! Monday and this Friday, back on Saturday! But as it stands, I wont b going back Saturday either if I keep feeling like this! Uh, I just want to start enjoying my pregnancy. I'm only 7 weeks and already decided I'm not doing this again lol this will be the last one! Uh, someone please make me feel better 😊

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You'll have a lovely baby in your arms in no time at all and will completely forget about all the trauma you went through to get him/her! One of my friends was really sick with number one, ended up in hospital a few times and has just had number two having gone through the same experience again, while she's not planning on having a third she's not 100% against it.

Sorry, I can't help with morning sickness related stuff as although I felt awful, I managed to keep food down by eating a little and often, in fact at times I don't think I stopped eating. Savoury things were my friends, mini cheddars, hula hoops, toast. Ginger nut biscuits and fizzy water helped too. Certain things triggered the sick feeling, so I avoided those - chocolate and the smell of wine or beer with my first and milk with my second. My sister couldn't eat red foods, anything with tomatoes made her sick.

Hope you feel better soon and the medication works for you. Take care of yourself.

Thanks for the positive words, think I needed to hear it 😊 I wasn't this ill the first time round. I was a bit sick but nothing like this! Curry was a trigger then, and meat, now its just anything that has a scent sets me off! Nevermind! It will be all over before I know it! Thanks for your response 😊 x

Hello, I feel exactly the same only I haven't actually been sick, I rench a lot though. lot. Nausea dominates me 24/7. I went to my doctor last week hoping to get anti sickness meds but he would only give me gaviscon! Needless to say that hasn't made a difference. Work is a struggle as I'm in catering, and, the smell of food just sets me off renching especially meat. I'm exhausted by it and like yourself have already said I'm not doing this again. I get home from work and I have no energy for anything else and it's an effort to drag myself in the shower. I'm praying for this phase to be over ASAP so I can feel happy about be pregnant and enjoy it as at the moment I just don't.

Sorry to hear someone feels as bad as I do! My Dr didn't give me anything for it the first time I went and saw her as she said its always best to try go without medication in pregnancy, but I went back because I felt I was getting worse, I have lost a stone in a week 😲 are you able to eat and drink? I have been retching a lot and a lot of the time it seems to be mainly saliva I bring up (sorry, tmi) but that's prob due to the fact my stomach is empty most of the time! I had a terrible day yesterday, I also decided to start taking two of the tablets at a time as one wasn't doing anything (as advised by the Dr). I felt the worst I did ever last night, and if I still felt that bad this morning, I was gonna take myself down to the hospital. My little boy was also trying to cheer me up, bless him! But thankfully I feel ok ish today, although it came back up, I was able to eat a bowl of cereal. The most I've eaten in days. I also come across this site yesterday; search for pregnancy sickness support, worth checking out if u feel terrible! Hopefully we get to enjoying our pregnancy's soon. I also work with food. I work in my local co-op which has an instore bakery (blugh) that was also horrible in my first pregnancy. But working even with food that's pre packaged, because of the heightened sense of smell, u can still smell it! Smelly customers is another one! If its affecting your life I would definitely see your Dr again. I've just been signed off for another week, so hopefully i get better soon. Hopefully you do too! Keep us posted on how ur doing/feeling! This site seems so quiet compared to the last time i was using it a lot. Good luck x

Once this phase passes, you will forget how horrible it was and start enjoying your pregnancy. I am on my second and have been really suffering and I said to my husband why didn't you remind me how horrible the first 16 weeks were! When that baby starts to kick you'll forget all about the horrible all day sickness as I call it!

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