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Peoples experiences of extreme morning sickness (long post warning)

Right, this is the second attempt at writing this post. Technology really isn't my friend. Well, my sickness has got a lot worse. I'm still trying to eat what I can and I'm still drinking, but I cant shake the nausea and sickness. This is 10x worse than last time! I rang my surgery this afternoon looking for advice on whether I needed to see a dr or just to ride it out, I was told I would get a call back from a midwife asap. Well she finally got around to calling, and she was really lovely! I explained how I've been; sick but still able to eat something and drink. But I also said its a lot worse than my first pregnancy, and that my urine is quite dark. She said to make an appointment with a gp in the morning and to get my urine tested, and if it was that bad, it might mean a stay in hospital. But she also said because I'm still eating something and drinking, it might just be a case of anti sickness tablets.

What's others experiences of this? I had morning sickness last time, between 9-13 weeks but I was almost able to control it! I could feel nauseous all morning at work, bake the food in the bakery (blugh!!!) deal with smelly food and customers, but I was able to hold it till I got home!

One thing I'm thankful for is I had a week off work this week, so glad I have! Just crappy I've been ill! I'm due back Monday 6am and I'm hoping I get signed off, because i cant even think about work right now! Surely if they can sign a man off for morning sickness, they will surely sign me off! I just dont think I'm going to be able to hold it this time if I go back to work next week. I'm dreading going to the,Drs tomorrow. I have managed at least one trip out the house each day with my little boy, because I really cant have us in the house all day, not for morning sickness! I was able to take him to the,park 2 days,ago, but today all I could manage was a little stroll with my little man holding my hand after our trip into town for groceries! But still, he enjoyed it! Hes been so good this week putting up with me! When I've been sick hes come up and started doing impressions of me lol, he makes me laugh, but laughing while puking is not nice lol. I manage to do all the mummy things, we still play and learn new things everyday, I'm just feeling a bit boring for him atm as I keep saying "give mummy a little second, she's not feeling very well!" Lets hope my sickness isn't around for the long-haul! Would love to hear what others have been through with this! Tell me it gets better please! Haha! And apologies for the long post....well, it appears long on my mobile. Hope you are all having a lovely evening x

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Hi, sorry you are feeling so bad. I also had bad morning sickness (anytime of the day sickness) but also managed to eat & drink. I forced myself to drink lots when I could so avoided tablets & hospital. I can't see why a doctor would refuse to sign you off work, if they do get another opinion. Mine didn't stop until my daughter arrived but I definitely learnt to cope with it better as the weeks went on. I'm sure your little boy enjoys his time with mummy, children are adaptable and it really won't last for ever! Take care x

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Yeah I hate the term morning sickness. If only it was restricted to morning! Thanks for your response! I know they say every pregnancy is different but my goodness! And I have help from my o/h today which is nice! Hope you have a nice day x


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