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Hi all,

I had my little girl in December and at our 8 week check the doctor prescribed me Cerelle mini pill. I got the prescription anyway as it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now after reading up on it I've seen some real horror stories! I'm also not entirely happy with the side effects/medical issues it can bring on. Has anyone else had this pill? What were your experiences? I potentially can't start taking it anyway for another month, but it seems like more trouble than its worth to try.

Thanks :)

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Hi there,

I've been taking Cerelle for 10 months now and I can't tell I noticed any major side effects. Like you, I read about it first and was terrified, but apart from little spotting here and there , everything is fine.

I like not having periods and I'm still breastfeeding and the pill's got 12 h tolerance if you're late with taking it. Win win win. Just try to get trough first 2 weeks, I was a bit irritated and bloated, bit like PMS, but it all disappeared.

I don't think my sex drive is as it was before, but it's probably more due to breastfeeding than taking pill.


Hey, congrats :) I too had a baby in December. Before getting pregnant I was taking cerelle but stopped taking it after 6 months as I just couldn't cope with some of its affects, it turned me into a tearful emotional wreck and replicated many pregnancy symptoms. It took equally as long for my body to return to normal after it. everyone is different and reacts differently to medicines, it really is a personal decision.


Thank you both for replying. I've got a little while to think about it before I start taking it. So I'll do a bit more research and decide, but it seems quite a scary little drug so far.

Congratulations to you too, Steffi! :)


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