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41 + 3 ... Membrane sweep or not?

I'm 41+3 and feeling no signs of labour approaching. This is my first baby so I really don't know what to expect. I think I've had braxton hicks but not much. I've not had a 'show' and there's no waters broken!

At my last midwife appointment when I was 40 +3 they said I could have. A sweep (today) and then be induced on Sunday 8th if nothing happens.

We had ivf and so dates are NOT wrong (!) as we can pinpoint the day of conception.

There's a part of me that wants to wait and have it all happen naturally and the other part of me really wants my baby to be with us in our arms.

I am very uncomfortable (pelvic girdle pain) and although I've slept on an off if anyone else says to me get as much sleep now as you can before baby arrives I think I will scream!

What do people think of sweep/induction?

What are others' experiences?

thank you :-)

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Hi, I had my little girl (ftm) in December and she was ten days late. I had a sweep at 40+6, had a show within a couple of hours and began to experience strong labour pains that night and she was born four days later. I really do believe that it was this that finally brought labour on. It was an uncomfortable procedure (leave all modesty at the door!) but it did not hurt one bit. I'm so glad I didn't have to be induced as mine was scheduled for Boxing Day, but my sister was induced a couple of weeks later and her labour was very quick, so both methods have positives!

I know that sleep is a rarity as I was the same but relaxing helps as well. It gets those happy hormones that bring on labour going.

Hope this helps, hopefully not long now until you meet little one :)


hi this doesn't answer you actual question sorry but I picked up on you PGP. I also had IVF I remember you from that site. I have it quite severe in fact I have been signed off work till delivery. I am 31 weeks this week but we havnt chatted about delivery yet. What did they say about yours.. are you just having a natural delivery? I have a feeling my consultant did say she may induce me early due to the condition - you tend to forgot sometimes when you come out of appointments! Anyway if you don't get chance to reply.. good luck and I hope it all goes smoothly.



I was offered a sweep at 40 weeks and took it! As much as I adored being pregnant I was tired and just wanted my little girl in my arms. So I had it and at 40+3 I had my show and waters started to leak and my baby was born the next day. It was the sweep that started things off as I got stronger Braxton afterwards and knew it was starting. I didn't find the procedure uncomfortable as I knew the midwife well and I'm used to being prodded and poked around with, just comes with being pregnant!! :)

This was my first baby too, and I had guilty feelings about it as I wanted nature to take its course, but your happiness is the most important thing so if you're in pain and not sleeping then do it if you feel it's best! The labour was all natural so I got what I wanted when it mattered. I've now got my beautiful 11 week old and that's the most important thing.

Hope this helps, wishing you all the luck and happiness in the world! X


Personally I would take the sweep, if it can get you going without induction then all the better. Being induced is not the best of experiences so anything that will get you going on your own is definitely a big thumbs up in my opinion. Some people have managed to get going from spending hours bouncing on a birthing ball, might be worth shot too, especially after a sweep. Good luck


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