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Refusing food

Hi ladies, my son is one year 2myhs and refuse to be fed solid food, he prefers soft mashed food and itd worries me a lot coz he can't chew anything he swallows everything and shock, I've tried teaching him to feed himself bt he just messes with the food without putting it on his mouth, he is a spitter when eating, he pushes the food with his tongue like an infant, he's healthy coz I take an hour to feed him until he gets full bt its exhausting, wondering if there's anything I can do. Pls help

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My little boy is now 16months feeding himself and feeding himself a verity of foods. FINALLY!!!! It's takes some time to get to here and a lot of hard work..

I started with half mashed half lumpy stuff and it never worked he only ate lumps when he ate finger foods! He also just swallowed and still now if I'm feeding him only swallows not chews. Only advice I can honestly give is try soggy foods like cottage pie and slowly introduce peas etc... That's the way I did it and still now he sits and picks the peas out and eats them one by one.


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