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Ok has this happened to anyone else, 11 days late, I have tested a couple off times all negative, I have been to the doctors and have been told it's not a urine infection, and not showing I'm Pregnant. I am always very regular with period. I am weeing more and cramping. What am needing to know is if this has happened to anyone only to find out that they are pregnant, doctors said I just may not be far enough on for a test to tell. Sorry for the long message. Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi ...sounds like something that is currently happening to me. I have yet to go to the doctor. But I am currently 7 days late. I do feel like I go to the restroom more often. And I had mild cramping one day and sore breast. Take another test first thing in the morning or have u done the blood test? Idk if this helps but ur not alone !

im 7 days late ive had slight dizzyness cramps ive taken tests and they have all come bk negative

Get a hormone blood test and keep me updated..

I forgot to tel ya my mine im 8 weeks late pd neg blood and about 20 hpt.i have posc so i inbalance hormones..a scan can only tell me --MICHELLE

Thanks girls it is good to know others are going through the same, doctors advised to try next week, next period due on 7 March I was 6 weeks when I tested with my lb but that was a shock so fingers crossed it will be positive soon xxx

I am 2 weeks late today Last time I tested was 2 days ago and it was negative I have not went to the doctor yet because I'm thinking there going to say my test is negative I have had slight cramping and I did have something that looked like implantation bleeding but it has stopped but I'm still cramping slightly. I am not sure what to do but to test again in a week if I don't get my period soon.

Your hormone levels really should be high enough by the time you are missing your period but all depends on your cycle. I always ovulated late in my cycle so the tests that claim to be give you positive results 4 days before period is due didn't quite work for me as that was reliant on the concept that your ovulation is halfway through your cycle, which in my case it wasn't. However, by the time your period is late and certainly once it's late for a week or more, your hormone levels really should be raised enough to show a positive pregnancy test. For me it was both times around 12 days after ovulation, ie when period was due, just not before period was due.

when i fell pregnant with my first son i had something like this happen i took numerous tests and always got a neg went to the docs and made them aware that i was trying after a miscarriage did a urine test there and came back neg. said how id been experincing things like nausea and she decided to book me in for a blood test to check my hormones and i got a phone call the same day as the bloods were taken from the doctor confirming that my blood were indicating i was already pregnant and to do another test. did a test came up neg then got a clear blue and did again and finally got a positive went for an early scan and it turned out i was 8 weeks pregnant.

Still no period that's 2 months now, making appointment tomorrow with doctor This is getting me down now x

its great to see im not the only one going thru 7 days late and still no signs that its coming either......ive took numerous hpts and all came back neg......even went to the ER same result.....some one help!!

Hi,I am going thru something similar but I haven't tested yet,thing is my symptoms are on and off and all started after my missed period. I hope you get your answer soon,if you are ttc best of luck to you.

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