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Natural breech or elective c section? Any one any tips on how to help baby turn?

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Morning all, whats the saying " never rains but pours" ha ha ha.

Had to have scans recently to check didn't have placenta previa, that turned out ok - placenta 5cm from cervix but at front .

At that scan discovered baby was breech, I've been doing the ball, all 4's , forward leaning, yoga, etc and the little one seems quite settled and comfy.

Im am booked in on Monday for manual turn, evc thing. If it works happy days , if not then I'm faced with the above.

Has anyone had natural breech delivery that would like to share how it went? Or I can opt for a section, but I'm frightened with either option, they would have to cut through placenta to get to baby, but there's a chance I could end up having emergency section anyway if labour doesn't go smoothly. What do you think?

Also any tips on turning baby? X

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To help yourself turn baby go to and look through the strategies there. You are already doing lots of helpful things. moxibustion (ask an acupuncturist) is said by many to help. Bag of frozen peas on top of bump...spend time on floor with your bottom in the for breech delivery you need to discuss this with your consultant. There should be midwives at your local unit with experience and confidence delivering a breech baby.

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Hi there

Thanks for your message. You may find our information sheet useful, take a look:

Let us know how you get on with your appointment on Monday.

Great info ! Thankyou!

Will keep you posted

Hi, I have had a natural breech delivery, however, I would add that this was due to the fact that it wasn't identified that my son was breech in the first place and when I got to the Hospital and they discovered that he was breech they were looking to put me to theatre for a c section but I was fully dilated and too far gone so the OB decided to deliver him naturally.

It was all very quick from there on in, some gas and air and a few pushes and he was born. They had to take him to another room to give him oxygen and he had a low apgar score when he was born, then I heard him cry and they brought him back to me.

Everything went ok in the end and despite him having passed his bowels (think this is quite common with breech babies and there was ALOT of meconium) everything was fine and we had a healthy wee toot, I do understand why they prefer to do a c section and I was happy to go along with this as the preferred option until it was decided it was too late to do so.

(Pain wise, it was less painful than giving birth to my second baby who was head down but back to back.)

I was sent for scans with my second baby as he was breech until quite late on (but then he turned) I had decided that if he remained breech, I would do what I could to turn him naturally, I did not want ECV, but I would have a c section if necessary.

Hope this helps

Oh wow what a shock, thanks for reply. Xx

How did the ECV go?... x

Hi, the ECV was a success for me.

Was monitored prior, I was given a tiny injection to help muscles relax, then laid quite flat for Dr to do her thing. I asked her experience ha ha, she knew what she doing though. She didn't mess about, just felt for bum, lifted it, and manoeuvred baby round. She got baby most of the way in that 1 try, then I had a few seconds rest and she completed the turn. She scanned the latter part of process to make sure movement etc were correct. Then I was monitored after.

Now pain wise, it did hurt and was uncomfortable whilst Dr was hands on, bit like a contraction where you catch your breath and tense up, but Dr very reassuring and when I started to breath again , it was manageable. The whole thing took about a minute and half.

I'm just left with a little pain in my right groin, like a ligament got stretched or something.

I'm glad I did it because I was extended breech, and my baby I'm pretty sure would not have turned on its own despite my efforts.

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