C-Section after gynae surgery

Hello, I have had 3 gynae surgeries: one small key hole (2 holes), a laparotomy (open surgery, same place as for C-section) and one larger keyhole (4 holes). During the surgeries we found out I have extensive pelvic adhesions and it became more and more difficult for my surgeon to 'get in' each time.

I am now pregnant with my first and concerned as I read that C-sections can take far longer than average on patients known to have pelvic adhesions or with history of multiple C-sections or gynae surgeries.

The concern is that if I try a vaginal birth and something goes wrong and I need an emergency c-section, they may not be able to get in quickly which can pose a risk to my baby.

I am going to see the consultant obstetrician to discuss this at 25 weeks, as I would like to understand if an elective C-section is a better option as they can take their time if baby is ok and comfy.

Just wondering if anyone has any similar experience?


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