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Travelling abroad with a baby

Hi all. So me and baby are jetting off to see my dad in Australia for a month. I'll be struggling on my own with her through the airport and on the 24 hour flight with short stop-off in Dubai. Just wondered if anybody has been through something similar and has any tips on what to pack, where to sit on the plane, keeping her entertained etc? Any words of wisdom welcome. she'll be 7 months xx

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I have travelled to Chile, on a 17 hour flight with my baby when she was 5 months and a year.

The main this is to try to maintain the routine as much as possible. Also, call the airline and ask for the special baby seats and the cot. It is heaven! In terms of meal I bought some Ella's Kitchen and some baby ready made formula so you don't even need to ask for water. Take more nappies that you would usually take and a couple of muslin + tissue. A lot of bizarre things can happen on a flight.

Take a lot of time to go through immigration. Take advantage of any special queues for families with babies.

Finally, for entertainment, I took some of the fav toys of my daughter at that age but she loved the glasses and spons of the plain. :p

I hope that helps!

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thank you pepagonzalez :) we're working on a routine at the moment and hoping to continue this in some respect throughout the jetlag and new environment. going to be tricky but don't want it all to go to pot!!


Yes, several flights across the Atlantic, 12-15 hours each.

Use the stroller/pram in the airport, you can check it when you get to the plane. Get a plastic bag for it if you can.

Try to get a seat where there is a bassinet/cot, even if you don't use it. There will be more foot room, and a bulk head in front of you rather than the back of someone else's seat. I place my carryon roller board on one side to block "escape" that way (and serve as a little table), and let my daughter play on the floor, which I cover with a blanket for cleanliness purposes and for her comfort.

I bring the iPad or a laptop for her to watch her favorite shows - even with very low or no volume, this helps to keep her entertained. Lots of snacks, lots of little walks (but the tiny play area at your feet will do wonders). I also bring one of her favorite stuffed animals, and her crayons, including several sheets of paper and something hard for her to write on.

The air pressure might bother the baby, so if breastfeeding, do so on takeoff and landing. If you use a dummy/soother or bottles, then use them during takeoff and landing. This will help equalize the ears.

Finally, 90% of the people on the plane have had kids, so when your little one is crying and you feel self-conscious or guilty, don't... we all understand. Anyone who doesn't show a little patience and compassion needs a little toughening up anyway.

Enjoy it! Take pictures. It will be an adventure they will love to have, even if they don't remember it. Good bragging rights in the lower grades!


Thanks Daddo - I especially like the tip about getting the bassinet seat even though she's too long to go in one. I didn't realise this would still give me more space! x


Thank you both!! Very helpful xxx


I would strongly suggest check everything with the airline. I travelled with my little boy when he was 6 months and we flew with Thomas Cook (only a 3 and a half hr flight) and they restrict where on the plane you can sit. Only middle seats every couple of rows were allocated for those with infants. The option is there to buy a seat for your baby. It wasn't too bad as I went with my older son who's 15 yrs old and he held Ben when I ate and vice versa. I will be flying soon tho by myself with Ben when he'll be 11 months old and I'm nervous. I will take some of his small toys and some Ella's kitchen sachets tho space will be restricted as I'll be in the middle seat with a seat in front. If I have to, I'll get up and walk around with him. Remember also, to add on the time travelling to and from the airport and actually in the airport as it adds on more time to occupy your baby

Good luck x


jetting off to Australia how lucky are you? haha! It will be a tough slog doing all that on your own but it will be well worth it. I can in no way relate as I took my little girl to Spain when she was 8 months but that was only a 2 hour flight lol! Just bring lots of little toys and snacks, a couple of books? but you will probably find that the plain will make her quite sleepy. My little girl slept the whole way there and back on the plane. A massive good luck and enjoy your holiday xx


We did an 8 hour flight with a five month old and travelled with virgin. The special bulkhead seatzs and bassinets were great for our little one.just bear in mind that you may not be able to use the inflight entertainment in your chair when using bassinet. I was breastfeeding which made the issue of food very easy as little one not on solids but I can say that my need for extra water was met by the stewardess giving me my own litre bottle of mineral water so I could keep hydrated. I took plenty of water with me but was surprised by how much thirst i had. Keeping hydrated on the plane helped with the jet lag.

I used a second hand baby carrier for on the plane to allow me to carry my little one when walking around leaving my hands free. If you wanted to do the same you could try renting one from your local sling library for use during your vacation. Remember that your 7 month old is a passenger of the airline too and so stewardess will want to keep you both happy. Our little one did not sleep at all on the outbound flight so I was dreading the return journey but on the return flight I put her into her sleepsuit and she fell asleep straight away and I had to wake her up for landing.

Enjoy yourself and everything will be OK, your baby will gain much stimulation from the experience.


Dont be afraid to ask the stewards for help youll be surprised they have had more experience with infants than you think


I wish I had some advice but I don't, just wanted to gatecrash and say hope you have a wonderful time! A month in Australia sounds bliss


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