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Single mum, what help can I get?

Hi, I'm currently on the verge of splitting with my partner and I'm terrified of not being able to support myself. I currently work 12 hours a week and manage childcare within my family. I get child benefits, but is there any other help I would get as a single mother? Right now I'm terrified and all over the place at the thought and need all the advice I can get. Thankyou x

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I understand how difficult it is to consider a separation, even non-financially. You are very brave! I think if you work less than 15 hours a week, as a single person you might get Job seekers allowance, and you might also get housing benefit. Look at the Government benefits website for info and contact your local Job centre.


hi there, working under 16 hours per week I am pretty sure you are entitled to Job Seeker's Allowance. If not, try looking into Income Support or ESA (I am less sure of who gets these but I know they often pick up those left out from Job Seeker's Allowance). You will almost certainly be entitled to a large Council Tax Reduction and, if you are renting, Housing Benefit too, May be worth phoning up the tax credits helpline to see if you also qualify for any working tax credit or child tax credit - not sure if you will when working 12 hours a week but no harm in asking. These are all of the things I can think of. You may also be entitled to vouchers towards formula milk if you are bottle feeding - I think this would be under the Healthy Start scheme. xx

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Hi, I'm pretty sure you would get child tax credit and if you're working 16 hours a week then you would also be entitled to working tax credit. Remember you can always top up your hours if there's anything that you would like to do for another four hours a week which may (or may not ) bring in a bit more money (something crafty perhaps or even a cleaning job or dog walking) by registering self employed through hmrc... it's not difficult to register alongside your paye job and you'd get all the tax credits as well as housing benefit and council tax benefit if necessary... good luck. The wrong relationship is worse than doing it on your own xx


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