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Feeling emotional

Hi all

I am currently 21 weeks. Had my scan on Tuesday and found out I was having a little boy.

The reason for my post is that I'm very emotional at the moment. Not sure why but one minute I'm ok and then the next I'm in tears. I'm not sure if I'm run down or if it's something I should be seriously worried about. I didn't feel at all likd this on my first pregnancy. If any one has any experience in this I would be very greatful if you would share them with me.


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Congratulations on finding out your having a boy! I'm 36 weeks gone with my first and I remember being really emotional around the 20 week mark too, so it's not just you! I remember crying quite a few times over nothing, then genuinely crying because I was worried my Husband would tell my midwife and they'd think I'd gone mad and lock me up. I put it down to hormones and tiredness, but what really helped me was letting it all out then laughing about how silly I was for crying in the first place! I hope this helps.


Hi LC1982,

First of all congratulations on your great news!! Feeling emotional is part of the pregnancy package. I have 3 girls and expecting a fourth at almost 35 weeks. There is times when I cry for almost everything. If I am watching the news, I cry if I see anything displaying happiness, sadness or if anything is overwhelming. It is not madness, it is the pregnancy hormones that makes us behave that way. During my first one I did not experience this but then after I have become used to it and so has my family. When my hubby sees me crying he asks the girls to bring a box of tissues and a cup of tea, we all joke about it and it soon passes. You are not on your own and hopefully you will feel better soon. Rest as much as possible, eat well and talk about your feelings, also remember that you are doing an amazing Job growing your little baby and he will soon be here, giving you lots of hugs, kisses and smiles! Keep that in your mind. It will be worth it in the end. All the best for the future. XX


Congratulations on your second pregnancy :-)

If you are concerned then all I would say is that there is such a thing as prenatal (as well as postnatal) depression and the amount of women that suffer this is actually not far off the number that suffer postnatal depression.

Yes, each pregnancy is different, and hormones do all kinds of crazy and wonderful things to us and our emotions but if you are at all concerned or feel you need help or to talk to someone then please do mention to your midwife.

In the meantime, take good care and all the very best to you.


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