2-3 weeks pregnant

I have taken 4 tests 1 of them being clear blue and they have all came back positive . The clear blue came back as me being 2 -3 weeks pregnant .Was just wondering if slight stomache cramps are normal . Feeling extremely tired . After trying for 2 years I am slightly worried that everything will be ok . Was also wondering if my egg has already implanted yet . And what to expect in the weeks to follow . Have done my research but would rather hear from people who have experienced this before so I can stop worrying atleast a little.

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Congratulations :) add 2 weeks onto your clear blue result as a midwife will calculate how far along your are based on the start of your last period. Google says implantation occurs 6-10 days after ovulation so I'm guessing that implantation has happened by now. Mild cramping is common, I had them just before my positive test at about 4-5weeks. I was also very tired and in bed by 8 most nights- but it soon disappears. As for what to expect, it's different for everyone. All you can do is take each day as it comes and enjoy. Avoid doctor google lol and don't hesitate to ask any questions on here- it really is a wonderful support network.

Take care Hun xx

Thanks :) x

I had cramping and lower back pain a week before finding out I was pregnant, this was around 2 weeks after conception. There's a lot of work going on in there so don't worry too much about the niggles and jiggles you feel as everything gets prepared to nourish your growing baby! Congratulations, take a deep breath and try to enjoy with as little worry as possible. The tiredness and hunger was insane in the first trimester. For most of us it passes. :-) I didn't actually have any sicknes though so fingers crossed you will be lucky also! Xxx

The cramping happens when the egg is implanting, so that is not unusual. My wife experienced the same thing. As for the worry - get used to it! Ours is 2 1/2 yrs old now, and I have come to realize that there will be worry there, on some level, for many years to come. Not bad worry, just the realization that it is just us between her and a big wide world. It is good though. Feeling tired is also normal.


I suggest getting a book or two. Nothing too heavy. I liked "A Stay at Home Dad: Leaving Oxford to spend my time with a one year old", but there are a lot of good ones out there. Reading helped us to feel like we were DOING something, which helped with the worry. That book was especially encouraging, as was the book by "The Sleep Whisperer"... don't recall the author, and there are a few who call themselves that.

I'm experiencing the same as you done a clear blue test says I'm 3wks+ although I'm not sure exactly when my last period was. I've been having horrible tummy cramps and also spotting. I went to the early pregnancy unit and they booked me for a scan next wk, they reckon it's normal to feel some discomfort as your womb grows and also normal to spot but doesn't stop the negative thought going round your head so I know exactly how you feel, tbh it's nice to know I'm not alone with my anxieties

I'm in the same situation. I have taken 3 tests and one of those was a ClearBlue Digital. This came back as 2-3 weeks but 1st day of last cycle gives me a due date of 28th Sept. I have been extremely sleepy and I want to eat all in sight. I feel slight discomfort but it is not a pain nor does it hurt in anyway. I have also been getting chronic heartburn (which is something I have never suffered with) ... My son is 10yrs old so it's hard to remember these early stages. Feeling sick during the afternoon then again late evening. No sickness yet though

Hi, I've recently found out I'm pregnant too. I'm six weeks this week and I've had awful stomach cramps and headaches for about 2 weeks now. Thankfully though the stomach cramps are easing off a bit now and my nurse said that it was just my womb preparing itself for the baby. I was quite nervous about everything because with my first pregnancy I was just tired & sick but she has put my mind at ease. I'm tired all the time too but hopefully that will pass soon enough. Congratulations on your pregnancy & hope your stomach cramps go soon :)

Thank you , I have been booked in for an early scan just so they can make sure everything is ok , cramps are easing a little so hopefully they won't get worse agian :)

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have had cramps for the last few weeks (similar to period pains). I looked on a lot of forums and many women said this was normal. They were quite painful at the beginning but have settled down now so fingers crossed everything is ok. The GP checked my stomach and said it felt normal but to go back if it continues. From what I have read every pregnant woman has different symptoms so it's easy to panic about your own. I'm sure everything will be fine :)

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